After a seven year journey, Horizon: Zero Dawn has proven to be a massive success for Guerrilla Games and Sony. The open world action-adventure game represents a complete switch from what fans were used to seeing from the studio, whose roots come from the first person shooter series, Killzone. Hermen Hulst, the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Guerrilla Games, revealed in a recent interview that the studio may not be done with the Killzone series quite yet.

When asked if Killzone fans should be worried about the company’s focus and success with its new IP, Hulst admitted that it’s a question he gets asked quite a bit through social media channels like Twitter. While developing a brand new and different IP hasn’t always been an easy road for the studio, it’s too soon to make any sort of announcements regarding future plans and whether or not the studio is done with Killzone for good.

Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 Screenshot Train Station

While the news may now be exactly what longtime fans may have wanted to hear, Hulst goes on to confirm that the studio still has a lot of passion for the Killzone universe and franchise as a whole. Hearing that longtime fans continually ask and comment about the series proves to be heartwarming to Hulst, who reaffirms that the studio shares that same passion for the series with them.

For now, Guerrilla remains focused on the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn and its first expansion pack. The single player DLC known as The Frozon Wilds sees Aloy journey north where a nearby mountain spews smoke and ash into the air. Many secrets appear ready for players to uncover in this new cold and snow land, including new machines to destroy. Outside of the debut trailer at E3, little else is known about the content, though a recent announcement has given the DLC a release date of November 7.

The latest release in the Killzone series is Killzone Shadow Fall, which is available now for PlayStation 4.