Guerilla Says Killzone 3 will “Up” Variety from Killzone 2

By | 6 years ago 

The Helghan still haven't quite figured out the concept of "parachutes."

Variety, they say, is the spice of life.  Without it the world is just one big bland pot of gray and brown served with a side of annoying NPC teammates and garnished with depressingly boring guns.  Fortunately, Killzone 3 producer Steven Ter Heide recently acknowledged that variety was in fact the key ingredient missing from Killzone 2, and that Killzone 3 would have so much of it that you’ll barely be able to taste anything else.  

Obviously I’m paraphrasing so here’s a direct quote from Ter Heide himself:

“I think what Killzone 2 suffered from was the amount of variety that was in the environments and in the minute-to-minute stuff that you did and we really wanted to up that.  A lot of the variety in Killzone 2 took place in the final couple of chapters where all of a sudden you’ve got this big kind of mech suit. A lot of people didn’t actually reach that stage.”

Ter Heide went on to describe some of the changes that Guerilla Games has incorporated into Killzone 3 and they just happen to sound pretty kick-ass.

“There’s one portion on rails where you’re on an Intruder actually firing down, which is completely different from anything we’ve done before. Then there’s on-foot combat where you actually start to encounter these jet pack enemies, which are new enemies and a new kind of experience.  Then you get the jet pack yourself, which is aerial combat, which is again a game changer and completely changes whatever you do and then finally you get this big weapon of mass destruction which is the rocket launcher. That’s just in one level and we’re going to do that throughout the game.”

From the sounds of it, Killzone 3 has more variety packed into one level than Killzone 2 had in the entire game.

What say you, Ranters?  Are you excited to don a Helghast jet pack, or was Killzone 2‘s mech suit the pinnacle of virtual intergalactic warfare?

Source: CVG