GTA Online Update Adds Bully Easter Egg

GTA Online adds a Bully Easter egg

Grand Theft Auto Online players discover an Easter egg about Bully, Rockstar's open-world school sandbox game which released in 2006. The discovery of the Easter egg has led some fans to wonder if the company is teasing an official announcement for Bully 2.

The new GTA Online update adds the Diamond Casino & Resort as well as something called Decorations Management. Players can now get a Master Penthouse and decorate it and one of the pieces of art available to purchase is called "Canis Canem Edit". Canis Canem Edit, which translates from Latin to "dog eat dog," is what Bully was called in Europe. The artwork shows the coat of arms from Bullworth Academy, where protagonist Jimmy goes to school in the first game. The painting has the fist, the snake, the rat, and the skull seen on the school's badges and on the boxart for the game.

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Some fans of Bully see this Easter egg as a teaser for Bully 2. The first game was released more than a decade ago and although Rockstar has re-released it, with Bully now available on mobile devices, it seems strange for Rockstar to put this in GTA Online. On Reddit, one fan writes that there is "no reason" why Rockstar would create this Easter egg if it's not making a sequel.

The Bully Easter egg in GTA Online isn't the only thing that has fans wondering if Rockstar is making the sequel they've been asking for. Earlier this month, Bully 2 gameplay and story details leaked but the ex-Rockstar developer who leaked the information said that the game had been cancelled. Other rumors suggested that the sequel would star Jimmy as a college student. There are also rumors that Bully 2 will be Rockstar's next game after Red Dead Redemption 2.

All of the leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt. Leakers know that fans want more information about what Rockstar is working on and so may exaggerate or make up details to whip Bully fans into a frenzy. However, new Rockstar Games job listings do confirm that the developer is working on some sort of game for next generation consoles. It's still unclear whether that game is Bully 2, a cross-generation version of Red Dead Redemption 2, or a new IP, but fans will hope that the company makes an official announcement about its plans soon.

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Source: Reddit

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