GTA Online Players Are Getting Random Discounts from Rockstar

gta online random discounts

It's fair to say that GTA Online has had a rather impressive amount of staying power, as shown by the fact that GTA 5 has been sticking around in sales charts since its release. Part of the reason for this is the amount of extras Rockstar has thrown at the player base, be it in the form of new content or enticing deals. As it turns out, plenty of players have been on the receiving end of random discounts that are not tied to the game's global deals.

Many GTA Online users have seen one-off sales pop up either on single car deals or across a specific selection of products. However, these have not been made available for all players, and instead seem to target individuals, unlike the global sales that are tied to the weekly events. Understandably, this has left some users scratching their heads, and there have been long discussions on the game's Subreddit to try and get to the bottom of it.

There, Reddit user LAR6E advised the rest of the community that they had received notification of a 50% discount on the Osiris, even though it wasn't part of any of the official Rockstar sales. Some commenters responded by stating that they had also received the deal, and others advised of other deals that they have been subject to. Meanwhile, others have been left frustrated that they had not been offered similar deals.

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Because of this, there has been plenty of speculation as to why these deals crop up. While some have suggested that these are simply randomly chosen, others believe that they could be tied to an algorithm that makes note of players who rarely spend extra on the game, or that have patterns to their spending. However, given that some players have been offered cars they have already purchased, it looks like some kind of random offer generation is more likely - or perhaps even some tie to Shark Card promotions.

It's not just these random discounts that have players sticking with GTA Online, though, as Rockstar has continued to supply gamers with new game modes. Recently, fans have been happy to try out some additional stunt race content through extra stunt races for special vehicles, spurring on many to try out as many ridiculous stunts as possible.

Whether GTA Online will continue to see widespread support into 2018 and beyond, however, is up in the air. After all, Rockstar has set the release date for Red Dead Redemption 2 for Fall 2017, and that could see a brand new online game mode appear. Whether discounts will be given for nitrous-powered horses and souped-up wagons is another matter entirely.

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