GTA Online players have been left scratching their heads after substantial amounts of money were withdrawn from their accounts. Although this is nothing new within the community for the multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto 5, with Rockstar often choosing to remove funds from gamers if they have been obtained by unscrupulous means, many of these cases of rebalanced accounts are – according the players involved – innocent of any wrongdoing.

Word began to spread among Grand Theft Auto 5 players on GTA Forums, after a user by the name of SkylineGTRFreak received a message when logging in to GTA Online stating that “Rockstar service has corrected your balance by -8498675$.” Perhaps understandably, the user in question was not happy with the news, which left them with a mere $700,000 to work with.

This player was not alone, either, with many others speaking up in the forum thread to give their own accounts on the matter. After a poll was added to the post itself, it turns out that around 47% of those who contributed to the thread had money removed from Rockstar, with many claiming that they had not been involved in any money mods or glitches to get their cash in the first place.

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However, this move certainly seems to align with a newfound push to remove money from manipulated accounts in GTA Online. On August 24, Rockstar updated an answer on the game’s Knowledge Base to explain that the developer is “aware of cheaters who are manipulating the in-game funds and RP levels for themselves and other players in GTA Online,” and promising that “players who have had their accounts affected should see corrections being made.” That said, if these players affected are seeing funds withdrawn without having taken part in any less-than-ethical ways to get funds, it may well be that Rockstar needs to rethink how it identifies these cases.

All in all, there’s been a fair amount of friction within the GTA Online community of late, with Take-Two Interactive’s crackdown on the OpenIV modding tool leaving many unhappy. Although the tool was eventually returned to use along with Rockstar’s blessing of OpenIV, the ramifications of the terms and conditions for use have been hard-hitting, particularly with the cancellation of the Grand Theft Auto 5 Liberty City mod.

Should this issue continue, then Rockstar may well end up with another tough situation to deal with, as fans are already threatening to stop playing the game over the rebalanced accounts. Here’s hoping that any problems are resolved, and that Take-Two and Rockstar’s crackdown on modded content does not reach such previous extremes as hiring private investigators.

Source: GTA Forums