GTA Online Krieger Car is Absurdly Expensive

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Krieger Week continues in Grand Theft Auto Online. The surprisingly underreported even is a continuation of Grand Theft Auto Online's extremely popular Diamond Casino & Resort Update. Between September 12 and 18, Grand Theft Auto Online players have access to a variety of discounts, double income for Stunt Races and the Race Series, new land races, and new clothing items. What's worth focusing on, however, is Kreiger Week's new purchasable car -- the Benefactor Krieger.

The Benefactor Krieger is based on the real-world vehicle named the AMG One from Mercedes. The AMG One is a 2017 concept going into production in 2020 with an expected 275 units priced at $2.72 million each. It's an expensive car in the real world and, fittingly, it's an expensive car in Grand Theft Auto Online, too. Grand Theft Auto Online players are aghast over the Kreiger's in-game price. The Benefactor Krieger costs an astonishing $2,875,000 in-game.

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The price, which makes the Benefactor Krieger the most expensive vehicle in the game (outside of the jokey Scramjet and Vigilante cars), is extreme. But according to Grand Theft Auto Online players, the high $GTA price is also fitting. The Benefactor Krieger is already being described as the best vehicle in Grand Theft Auto Online. Its speed may be a notch below the Progen Emerus, but the Krieger's all-wheel drive lends it incredible handling.

Some Grand Theft Auto Online players are reporting that the Kreiger isn't an entirely perfect car, however. The Principe Deveste Eight, priced at a healthy $1,795,000 itself, is still considered a top choice for players wanting to bully their opponents in a race. If a D8 comes up behind your Krieger, expect to get bumped. The trick is to stay far enough ahead of them that they never get the opportunity. Of course, the Krieger may be fast and handle well, but it doesn't have the top speeds of some of its competitors.

The true controversy behind the Benefactor Krieger is only loosely related to its power, however. It's certainly one of the best cars in the game, so it makes sense that it'd be expensive. However, it's also that much more controversial because currency in Grand Theft Auto Online can be purchased with real-money microtransactions. By routinely releasing incrementally better vehicles, Grand Theft Auto Online players routinely feel uncompetitive. And even if they splurge and buy an expensive car, they might fall behind again with the release of the next car. At the very least, Rockstar makes sure to offer ample opportunity to earn cash in-game to go along with its frequent new purchases.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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