After the Grand Theft Auto 5 data mining community discovered new information about an alien UFO mission in the game, it didn’t take long before gamers were hacking their way into the unique mission. Now, some gamers have figured out how to experience the alien mission in Grand Theft Auto 5 legitimately.

Apparently, the alien mission, or Chiliad Mystery as it’s known in-game, can be unlocked through a bit of grinding. Grand Theft Auto 5 players simply need to complete 600 Gunrunning missions in GTA Online, and the alien mission will become available. From there, players need only kick off a Gunrunning supply run between 21:00 and 23:00 hours, and the mission will begin.

The Chiliad mission begins like other Gunrunning missions where players are tasked with picking up a shipment. Things get a little wild when they come across a crashed alien spaceship, where they can nab themselves an alien egg. Naturally, the group will need to escape with the egg in order to complete the mission.

Those who have already experienced the GTA Online Gunrunning DLC know that completing 600 Gunrunning sales will take quite a bit of time. However, based on the experience of those that have attempted the Chiliad Mystery mission, it sounds like the effort is worth it.

That said, we’ll note that gamers will only get one shot at completing the alien mission. Apparently if gamers are unsuccessful, they won’t get a chance to retry. So gamers need to make sure they’re at their best and have their A-team ready to go when they start the mission.

Despite the single-attempt limitation, it’s nice to see Rockstar revisiting the alien mysteries in Grand Theft Auto 5. Alien Easter Eggs have long been a part of the game, and has always piqued the interest of many Grand Theft Auto players.

That said, it is unfortunate that the mission is limited by both the number of attempts and behind the Gunrunning DLC. In order for players to experience the alien mission at all, they’ll need to first have the funds to start the Gunrunning expansion. Hopefully Rockstar will open up the mission to more players or at least offer additional attempts in the future.

gta5 aliens

Now that the method of unlocking the Chiliad Mystery mission is available, it likely won’t be long before players are able to complete the mission and see what rewards await.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.