Grand Theft Auto Online Halloween Event Begins on Friday


Rockstar Games officially announces Grand Theft Auto Online's Halloween celebration, unveiling a new Adversary mode, bikes, discounts, and a $250,000 GTA$ login bonus.

Gamers are no stranger to Halloween celebrations, especially since most video games roll out special events in honor of the holiday. Grand Theft Auto Online is no exception, with a new Halloween event for 2016 set to arrive shortly.

Rockstar has now revealed Grand Theft Auto Online's Halloween Event, which will offer a wide variety of activities and goodies for players. The celebration brings a Lost vs Damned Adversary mode, which allows players to face off against each other in teams of Devils and Angels. Devils will receive bonuses to their health, armor, and weapon loadouts during the night, and Angels will receive them during the day, with the day/night cycle shortened to 60 seconds in order to give equal opportunities to both teams. A new thematic bike, the LCC Sanctus, is also releasing just in time for the Halloween event, featuring a glowing-eyed skull resting between the bike's handlebars.

Gamers will be able to acquire certain items and vehicles from last year's GTA Online Halloween content, with further information on what will be available coming later this week. Players don't have to wait for everything, though, as GTA Online is slashing the price of a wide variety of vehicles, weapons, and clothing in honor of the online mode's third anniversary starting today. Most exciting of all, any player who logs on between now and October 31st will receive a $250,000 GTA cash bonus as a reward. The cash should be a nice boost for gamers to be able to afford the game's latest new bike to release in honor of GTA Online: Bikers, the Pegassi Vortex, which retails for a steep $356,000.


Rockstar's has been strongly committed to bringing new content, vehicles, and DLC to GTA Online since its inception three years ago, and it's been a boon to the developer. Seven months ago, a report surfaced that claimed that Rockstar had already made half a billion dollars off of Grand Theft Auto Online's microtransactions. This number might surprise some, but considering that Grand Theft Auto V has sold 60 million copies, that statistic makes more sense. The presence of microtransactions in GTA Online is arguably a win-win situation for the developer and gamers alike, as gamers keep making purchases, and Rockstar continues working to keep the game fresh.

Even if gamers aren't interested in the Lost vs Damned event, there's plenty here that will appeal to most GTA Online players. If nothing else, the free quarter of a million in-game currency will most likely draw in a record number of players this Halloween.

Grand Theft Auto Online's Halloween Event will begin on October 28th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Rockstar Games

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