The latest Grand Theft Auto Online update, called After Hours, has finally been released to fans. It adds a huge amount of content for players to enjoy, including the ability to run their own nightclubs, hire DJs, play minigames, as well as complete narrative missions with the series’ returning NPC, Gay Tony. Inquisitive fans will also be glad to know that the After Hours update also introduces a brand new Easter egg.

The new Easter egg in question allows GTA Online players to unlock a new apparel item called the Kifflom t-shirt. (Kifflom is a reference to the Epsilon Program, which is the GTA 5 parody of Scientology.) In order to unlock the shirt, players must repeatedly get their characters blackout drunk.

The first step is to go to any nightclub in the game and order a drink called the Macbeth Whiskey Shot. Costing $350, this shot of extremely powerful alcohol will cause the player character to blackout and wake up in a new place. Players have reportedly found themselves in nightclub bathrooms, in a hedge maze, and with half of their clothes off on the top of Mount Chiliad. However, give it enough tries and players may also find themselves on top of Los Santos’ Epsilon building, wearing the baby blue Kifflom t-shirt.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is known for its Easter eggs, some of which are incredibly elaborate. Some of the very best moments that fans have discovered include a reference to the supernatural TV show Teen Wolf, a frozen alien in Mount Chiliad, and, of course, the alien egg mission that requires a real grind just to access.

This Kifflom t-shirt Easter egg is slightly less grind-y in that sense, as players could well unlock the t-shirt in under an hour (though many have reported that it has taken them longer). It also requires very little legwork; players only need to go to a club and order a shot.

Rockstar loves to drop little hints and fun discoveries for fans and this Easter egg isn’t even the only example from the After Hours update alone. There’s also the Stone Hatchet weapon quest which will allow players to unlock a weapon for Red Dead Redemption 2 and there some eagle-eyed players have even spotted some additional references to GTA IV‘s The Ballad of Gay Tony DLC. These additions are unlikely to be the end of Rockstar’s Easter egg mischief and many players will be excited to see what’s next.

Grand Theft Auto Online and all of its latest updates are available now through Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Kotaku