Rockstar Games releases a new update for GTA Online which adds a new game mode called Collection Time and a fictional version of James Bond’s ride from Spectre.

Rockstar Games may have dropped any potential single player DLC of Grand Theft Auto 5 down into a dark well, but the online experience has always been been spoiled for content. The online service has generated over half a billion dollars for Rockstar Games, and the studio is quite keen to keep the good times rolling for as long as possible. Rockstar Games still releases larger updates for the online portion of Grand Theft Auto 5, like Tron-inspired modes and stunt races, and has now somewhat quietly announced a midweek update which adds a single new vehicle and a brand new gamemode to Grand Theft Auto Online.

The new vehicle is called the Dewbauchee Specter, and it’s a car that should feel familiar to fans of James Bond. Grand Theft Auto‘s Dewbauchee brand is based off of Aston Martin, which cinephiles will recognize as a brand has longstanding ties to the Bond franchise, and featured prominently in the most recent Bond flick, Spectre. The appropriately titled Dewbauchee Specter is none other than a fictional version of the Aston Martin DB10, the very same car that Bond himself drives – except now it can be used to rob convenience stores, or help gamers win a few precious street races.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Collection Time

The car will run gamers a sweet $599,000 in digital currency, and fully upgrading the Specter will put car owners a further $252,000 out of pocket. Still, that’s a small price to pay for driving the same car James Bond himself drove in, with the additional bonus that it can also be hot pink. It was only one week ago that Rockstar Games added another new car and customization features to the GTA Online experience, which spoils would-be collectors for choice when it comes to automotive options. Whether players are filling garages with high-end automobiles or opting for 2-wheeled alternatives, the streets of Los Santos are a diverse amalgamation of vehicular styles.

The new game mode itself is called Collection Time, a mode which will support between 2-16 players. Within Collection Time, every player is worth exactly one point. Killing an enemy player will net your team this single point, and the team that can hold all of the points for a total of 30 seconds (or has the highest amount of points by the time the round ends) will be the winner. It’s a simple concept, and one we’re certain more bloodthirsty players will enjoy.

Rockstar Games has added quite a few game modes within the last few weeks alone, and this is likely to continue so long as the game keeps on attracting more buyers. Since Grand Theft Auto 5 reached 70 million copies sold before the holiday window, it’s likely that Grand Theft Auto Online won’t be slowing down for some time yet.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now and GTA Online is still being updated on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.