Curiosity may have had a bad rap for killing cats, but today it’s been feeding the internet some juicy details about Rockstar Games‘ upcoming title, Grand Theft Auto V. Already touted as being a game-changer for the series, GTA V has sparked a lot of conversation — from its gameplay right down to its logo design.

While the game might not arrive until 2013, fans are excited for its eventual release, and some are curious enough to look into the source code of other games to find more information.

A few members of the GTAForums website have potentially found a goldmine of information relating to the upcoming fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise — and it’s all from within Max Payne 3‘s core files. A particular file of interest in the source code, called “vehicles.ide” appears to contain names and variables of dozens of vehicles and objects. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but considering that many of the names on the list have already been seen in previous Grand Theft Auto games, this find has piqued fan curiosity.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Jetpack Vehicle

GTA: San Andreas brought jetpacks and better aircraft into the series. Could GTA V be doing the same with new vehicles?

Vehicles such as Infernus and the Patriot from previous titles are referenced on the list, but what seems to be catching a lot of attention is the mention of “monorail,” “chairlift,” and “plane_jet” — yes, a jet! If the source code is anything to go on, Grand Theft Auto V players could be cruising at low altitudes in their very own passenger jet. This is all just speculation, of course, but these are the things players have wanted to experience since the series started.

Ranters, are you excited to see what Rockstar Games has planned for its flagship series? Do you think the open-world concept for Grand Theft Auto V will go as far as allowing players to drive trains and go skiing?

Grand Theft Auto V is currently in development for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC.

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