Grand Theft Auto 5 Players Are Obsessed With Blowing Up This Dam


A bit of mysterious code leads Grand Theft Auto 5 players on an obsessive quest to destroy the Land Act Dam in Los Santos in an attempt to flood the city.

Fans of Grand Theft Auto V have a long history of trying to find hidden or unconventional things in the game that the developers may or may not have intended to be found. In the past, they have looked for bigfoot, zombies, and crashed spaceships; but the newest obsession requires a bit more destruction than these past easter eggs.

Lately GTA V players have been obsessively trying to destroy the Land Act Dam, which is located Northeast of Los Santos. The rumor that the dam is destructible comes from a bit of code in the game that included a destructible object labeled as an aqueduct, which hardcore fans took as a reference to the dam.

While no one’s managed to destroy the dam yet, it isn’t from lack of trying, YouTuber Sernandoe posted a video of himself trying to blow up the dam with 10,000 missiles, while another YouTuber, RobbinRams crashed a blimp into the dam in attempt to destroy it. Unfortunately, neither attempt was successful.

But their failures have not stopped other players from trying; some have tried conventional means such as nukes, while others have been more creative. Some players went so far as to remove all of the in-game water and attempt to shoot the dam with an explosive assault rifle. Players have also searched the interior of the dam’s control room in an attempt to find a weak spot but have been met with no success.


While none of these methods have proved successful, hardcore GTA V players haven’t lost hope. Various in-game clues seem to support the theory of a “floodable Los Santos.” Some of these clues could be written off as a coding glitch, similar to a piece of coral that’s oddly placed on a hillside, but an in-game photo showing what appears to be a massive tsunami hitting the city seems to be more promising.

Players are still hard at work trying to destroy the dam, and whether they are able to or not, it’s mysteries like these that keep players so engaged in the GTA universe. However, Grand Theft Auto V isn’t the only game to keep fans engaged with a metagame. Overwatch players are still hard at work puzzling over the Sombra mystery and finding new clues everyday, while internet sleuths poured considerable time into finding all the secrets in the Resident Evil 7 demo.

What are some of your famous in-game mysteries that have never been solved?

Grand Theft Auto V is available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Kotaku

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