It’s been an extremely difficult time of late for the Grand Theft Auto 5 modding community. Last week, publisher Take-Two Interactive sent a cease and desist letter to the creator of OpenIV, a tool that is hugely important in the modding scene for the game. Although the tool was subsequently closed down, much to the outrage of fans, it appears as though some middle ground has been met.

Right now, a brand new update to OpenIV is available, meaning that those wanting to get back into modding Grand Theft Auto 5 can do so with the tool. However, it does seem likely that there might have to be a few changes to the way in which the modding scene is expected to operate, to help align with what Take-Two and developer Rockstar Games will allow.

Indeed, as it turns out the return of OpenIV appears to have come with Rockstar’s blessing. The developer posted an update on its website, clarifying its stance on fan-made mod content after initially raising concerns about how OpenIV could be used with GTA Online. Now, Rockstar’s stance makes very good reading for those looking to create again. “Rockstar Games believes in reasonable fan creativity, and, in particular, wants creators to showcase their passion for our games,” Rockstar said in the statement.


“After discussions with Take-Two, Take-Two has agreed that it generally will not take legal action against third-party projects involving Rockstar’s PC games that are single-player, non-commercial, and respect the intellectual property (IP) rights of third parties,” the statement continued. Rockstar then clarified that this arrangement will not cover mods for multiplayer or online services, or mods that bring outside properties into Grand Theft Auto 5, which would most probably include the likes of the Grand Theft Auto 5 Hulk mod.

Although the modding community will be thrilled with the news, this resolution will also prove a relief for Take-Two and Rockstar Games. After all, the reaction to OpenIV initially being shut down was extremely negative, with players and fans leaving negative Grand Theft Auto 5 reviews in protest to the closure of the tool. Now, it’s likely that such action will cease entirely.

It also means that potential sales implications for the game will have been avoided, given the swift reversal on the matter. After all, Grand Theft Auto 5 is the best-selling game in America since NPD tracking began, and neither Take-Two Interactive nor Rockstar Games would want to jeopardize future sales over something that could so heavily affect the reputation of those involved. Hopefully, fans will now be able to return to creating mods in peace.

Source: Grand Theft Auto Forums, Rockstar Games