A new GTA 5 mod allows metalhead players mourning the loss of Lemmy to become the Motorhead singer in game, providing a fitting tribute to the iconic musician.

Fans of metal lost one of the most notorious icons of the genre last month, when Motorhead’s Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister passed away on December 28. The singer and bassist has left behind a lasting legacy of heavy rock music, and has been on the receiving end of a number of tributes. The most recent one, however, allows players to play as the rock star in a Rockstar game.

A number of modders has teamed together to create Lemmy as additional content for GTA 5. The content itself, which is called the ‘Lemmy Kilmister Tribute Mod’, contains a fantastic model of Lemmy himself, and even allows the player to play out a number of Lemmy’s recognisable habits. The mod allows the player to take up smoking, drinking, and playing the guitar or drums.

Those interested in having a look at the mod can do so over at the GTA Forums page. The mod, which was created by Christian Brandes, FunGt, and jedijosh920, with additional work by Davide Violante, has already gathered plenty of interest from the gaming community. For GTA 5 players thinking about trying out the mod, the below YouTube video showcases the mod in style, showing off the rock star in action.

This isn’t the first time that Lemmy has appeared in a video game. The Motorhead star also appeared in Double Fine’s metal-focused release Brutal Legend, where he played the role of Kill Master, one of protagonist Eddie Riggs’ allies in the fight against the evil Emperor Doviculus. According to the mod creators, the character model used in the GTA 5 mod was based off Lemmy’s likeness in the 2009 title.

Lemmy was one of the most iconic faces in metal, and an unapologetic rock’n’roll musician to boot. Although initially rising to fame as part of Hawkwind, it was with Motorhead that Lemmy’s music truly shone, with classic hits such as Ace of Spades and Killed By Death. According to Motorhead’s statement at the time, Lemmy passed away whilst playing a video game, just two days after discovering he had aggressive cancer.

Video games have provided tributes to a number of unfortunately departed icons. World of Warcraft provided a touching nod to comedy legend Robin Williams, providing the actor and gamer with a NPC character named Robin the Entertainer. With the addition of this user-made mod, now fans of Motorhead can take to the streets of GTA 5 with their icon, and cause the kind of chaos that he no doubt would have approved of – as long as a hard rock soundtrack was playing at the time.

Source: GTA Forums