‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Beach Bum DLC Released

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Peaceful seaside strolls will never be the same again, as Rockstar‘s first major addition to the Grand Theft Auto 5 formula goes live online today. Titled the Beach Bum Pack, this free content update arrives alongside patch 1.06, adding a much-needed splash of sea and sun to the game’s online competitions, and a welcome wave of surfer-like items across the board.

First announced late last month, the Beach Bum DLC pack requires a reported 64MB download, followed by a further 33MBs of data housing the Beach Bum content itself. While PlayStation gamers are set to receive the patch as an all-in-one update sometime today, Xbox 360 owners must first locate the download through the Xbox Games Store.

Grand Theft Auto 5‘s Beach Bum Pack features the following items:

  • The ‘BF Bifta’ Dune Buggy
  • The ‘Canis Kalahari’ Off-road Truck
  • The ‘Bravado Paradise’ Beachside Camper Van
  • The ‘Speeder’ Speedboat
  • The ‘SNS’ Pistol
  • The Broken Bottle Melee Weapon
  • New Tribal Tattoo designs
  • New Surfer-styled apparel
  • New Multiplayer Jobs, including beach-based races, ‘Horde’-style Survival modes, parachuting objectives, Team Deathmatches, and bike chases

GTA Online Beach Bum Screens - Parachuting

Every item – aside from the new Multiplayer-only Jobs – is available for play in both of the game’s single-player and online modes. Vehicles can be picked up via a character’s phone — just order, free-of-charge, from one of Los Santos’ web-based retailers before collecting at a local, player-owned garage or marina. Weapons, meanwhile will be automatically added to Trevor, Michael and Franklin’s respective arsenals, with Ammunation carrying fresh stock online. As for the game’s new clothing and hairstyle options, there’s no word yet on whether these aesthetic selections cost any in-game cash, though the price tag shouldn’t present too much of an obstacle for players on the receiving end of the recently-introduced stimulus package.

Given that the Beach Bum DLC first appeared in conjunction with an update on the game’s promised Content Creator – itself announced as far back as the original GTA Online reveal — this sandbox-within-a-sandbox mode may not be all that far from release. With its speculative Fall season debut ebbing away into Winter, could update 1.07 be the patch to bring this new online playground to life? What do you make of the complimentary Beach Bum pack? Is this the first and last DLC that Rockstar will consider handing out for free? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check in with all of the latest GTA news, right here on Game Rant.


The Grand Theft Auto 5 Beach Bum Pack is now available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners. The DLC appears as part of update 1.06, and is therefore free of charge.

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