Don't Starve Developer Reveals Sci-Fi RPG Griftlands

griftlands reveal trailer e3 2017

Don't Starve has long been a standout model of the survival game. The title is often considered one of the best permadeath games of all time, and as such developer Klei Entertainment has earned itself a place among the most notable indie developers in the scene. Now, the studio has confirmed another project during the E3 2017 PC gaming show, which goes under the name of Griftlands.

According to Klei Entertainment, Griftlands will be a science fiction-themed role-playing game, although it's fair to say that the developer is keeping its cards close to its chest for now. However, it seems as though Griftlands will fully embrace a pioneer-style format, and this will apparently boil down into the gameplay itself.

The developer has stated that Griftlands is an RPG where "everything is negotiable: money, loyalty—even morality." Exactly how this will follow through into the game remains to be seen, but the trailer showcases a number of dialogue scenes and bartering alongside exploration and combat. The full E3 2017 announcement trailer can be seen below.

Although not much else is known about the cryptic RPG thus far, something that truly stands out is the game's art style. Whether it's Don't Starve or Mark of the Ninja, Klei Entertainment has always excelled at making its games seem unique from a graphical perspective, and it seems as though Griftlands is no exception. Indeed, should the animation in-game prove to be as fluid as it looks from this initial trailer, then comparisons to The Banner Saga titles certainly wouldn't be out of the question - although it remains to be seen whether Griftlands will make decisions matter in the same way.

Gamers interested in checking out Griftlands may have a while to wait yet, however. Klei Entertainment has revealed that the game will be released in late 2017 or early 2018 - although since the game's Steam page states it will be available in early 2018 it would be best to err on the side of caution for now. Hopefully, more will be revealed soon, and the final product will live up to the heights of Don't Starve and Invisible, Inc.

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Griftlands will be released in late 2017 or early 2018.

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