While Microsoft and Nintendo may be leading the gaming industry in hardware sales, some environmentalist aren’t as enthusiastic about their green footprints.

Greenpeace has released their annual Guide to Greener Electronics, and while none of the parent companies associated with our favorite consoles received a perfect score, there were still a few surprises.

Sony earned an overall ranking of 5.1, which put them alongside the majority of the pack, sharing space with companies like Apple and Toshiba, among others, who also fell close around a 5.0 ranking. Sony was praised for energy efficiency as well as management of chemicals and criticized most for their lackluster support of Global GHG emissions reduction.

Microsoft wasn’t at the bottom of the list; but second to last, with a ranking of 2.4, isn’t a particularly great achievement. Like Sony, Microsoft was also praised for their attempts at chemical management, as well as their timeline for PVC & BFR phaseouts. That said, out of the fifteen total categories, the company received 8 “Bad” ratings in categories such as energy efficiency of new models as well as recycling attempts, among others.

Kid-friendly, mostly mother-approved, Nintendo however found themselves at the absolute bottom of the list, collecting a breath-taking ranking of 1.4. Nintendo had not a single rating in either the “Good” or “Partially Good” categories – the largest criticisms included poor individual producer responsibility and a lousy GHG emissions reduction commitment. It’s surprising, you’d think a game company whose catalogue includes such family-friendly titles such as the Animal Crossing series and Zoo Hospital would be be a bit more environmentally conscious.

In the end, no company received anywhere near a perfect score – Nokia topped the list with a 7.4. According to Greenpeace, there plenty of room for improvement – let’s hope, with all of the money we’re pumping into our favorite game companies, that they’ll try a bit harder in the coming years to clean up their acts.

How’d your game company stack up? Do you think it’s important that console makers take into consideration their impact on the environment?

Source: Greenpeace via Joystiq

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