Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters Screenshots

Green Lantern Rise of the Manhunters Video Game Screenshots

Warner Bros. made a big splash this weekend at San Francisco's WonderCon event, offering a lengthy series of new video clips in an attempt to turn the buzz positive for this summer's Green Lantern movie. It worked and a lot of the negative preconceptions have transformed into genuine excitement for the special effects heavy superhero film.

Warner Bros. Interactive on the other hand, hasn't been able to swing that same positive buzz for Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters and that's in large part due to the fact that it's a movie tie-in. That and a weak Rise of the Manhunters trailer. Perhaps these new screenshots may win you over.

The gallery below offers newly released screenshots from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters. These versions of the game come playable in 3D for both standard televisions in anaglyphic 3D by using the glasses that come packaged with the game and of course, stereoscopic 3D for gamers with 3D HDTVs. It will also of course be in 3D on the Nintendo 3DS version.

These versions of the title also feature the voice talent of the film's star, Ryan Reynolds, and more importantly, 2 player co-op! The one selling point of the Green Lantern tie-in is that it allows for drop-in local co-op where the second player takes command of Sinestro.

Take a look at the new Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters screens:

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The graphics and effects look dated in many of the screenshots - it's certainly no Batman: Arkham City - but what concerns me more about the game is how it'll actually play in terms of control. It appears as if players will be restricted to camera angles and movements within set pieces as opposed to having more sandbox-esque freedom from a third-person perspective. If local co-op involves sharing the same screen that would also restrict movement even more.

Is this just another overpriced movie tie-in or could it be a surprisingly enjoyable and worthwhile purchase?

Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters debuts on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS and 3DS on June 7, 2011.


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