Greedfall: How to Use Guns


Greedfall is a new action-RPG from Spiders Games, set in a unique colonial-fantasy setting that should prove interesting and refreshing to anyone who is accustomed to playing great classic RPGs. In a fantasy setting based on the colonial era, guns are one of the most powerful tools available, but they can be somewhat scarce.

Greedfall provides players with three classes to choose from at the start of the game. Eventually, however, all player characters will be able to use guns. Because of their power in combat, it is important to understand how guns work in Greedfall.

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Greedfall gives access to guns relatively early. They will appear in the player’s inventory from the beginning stages of the game. The caveat is that these weapons aren’t necessarily available to pull out and use actively during combat.

The ability to use guns in general is unlocked from the beginning of the game. However, most of the guns in the game have multiple requirements. This means that not all guns will be available for use from the start, as the ability is tied to the Firearms Skill. For example, the ability to use rifles is unlocked by the Rifle Skill, the fourth skill in the Firearms skill tree.

Beyond the Firearms skills, individual weapons may also require certain attributes, skills, or stats. Players can see these requirements by looking beneath the Stats and Boosts that any given weapon provides to the player character. The Accuracy Attribute is particularly useful, described in the game itself as necessary in order for the best firearms to be used. Rifles and other high-end weapons will likely require some amount of Accuracy in order to be unlocked.

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Once a weapon’s requirements are met, the name of the weapon should appear white instead of red. This means that the weapon can be equipped via the Firearms section of the equipment menu. Once a firearm is equipped, it can be used in combat by pressing the right bumper on the controller.

Firearms are just one of the many mechanics that make Greedfall an engaging, complex RPG experience. Players looking for an edge in combat will also need to learn about Greedfall’s party system and explore the mechanics that the game has to offer.

Regardless of how one chooses to play, Greedfall offers a solid campaign to dig in to. With a different take on what a fantasy setting entails, players who have been missing a deep, large-scale RPG to explore may find their fix in Greedfall.

GreedFall is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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