GreedFall: How to Change Party

greedfall how to change party

GreedFall, a new action RPG from Spiders, focuses around giving fans a great deal of agency, and this includes allowing players to the change the composition of their parties in order to meet their needs. Indeed, there are five companions in GreedFall, Kurt, Aphra, Petrus, Siora, and Vasco, and players can try them in various combinations as they continue through the game. However, some players may be wondering exactly how to change the party in GreedFall, and addressing that is exactly the purpose of this guide.

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How to Change Party in GreedFall

In order to change a party in GreedFall, players must be at their residence or in a camp, and the process begins by approaching the campfire icon. Doing so will assemble a player's GreedFall companions into a line, and interacting with them will open a screen that facilities changing the party. For those that are familiar with the Dragon Age: Inquisition party system, this process will not feel wholly unfamiliar.

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Players can have a maximum of two companions in their GreedFall party, and as they switch them, there are a number of things to consider. For instance, companions in GreedFall have connections with the various NPCs that a player will encounter throughout their journey, and it can be helpful for one of the party members to have a relationship with the people that the player character will be interacting with. As an example, bringing Siora is recommended when speaking with the natives of Teer Fradee.

greedfall how to change party

Additionally, it is advisable for the GreedFall party to include companions with diverse fighting styles. A diversified party might feature one magic user and one focused on melee combat, and players can give their companions new equipment, as they work to learn how long it takes to beat GreedFall, by accessing their inventory and switching between party members using a controller's d-pad.

While there is quite a bit of flexibility when changing a party in GreedFall, there are instances where a specific companion must be in the party in order to advance a quest. Players should remain mindful of when these companion-specific quests arise so that they can make sure to switch their party in GreedFall appropriately for the advancement of the task at hand. Aside from these quests, players should be able to enjoy mixing and matching their GreedFall companions in an attempt to find the party that suits them best.

GreedFall is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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