Greedfall: The Best Talents to Unlock

The Greedfall Talent tree.

Greedfall, a new colonial-fantasy RPG from Spiders Games, provides players with a classic RPG adventure in a unique setting to the genre. Greedfall offers a satisfying campaign, in part because it gives players a lot of options for how to navigate the world and build their characters.

Greedfall lets players build their character based on Skills, Attributes, and Talents. The Skill, Attribute, and Talent Trees can be seen in the Character Development menu. Points that are used to unlock sections of each tree are earned occasionally as the player character levels up.

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Skills are needed to unlock certain weapons in Greedfall, and provide other benefits like extra damage or effects to certain weapons. Attributes are the basic stats of a character: Strength, Endurance, Agility, Accuracy, Metal Power, and Willpower. The highest possible score is needed in an Attribute in order for the player to wield the best weapons associated with that Attribute.

Greedfall has three starting classes to choose from, but each character can develop over time and improve in any direction. Talents are one of the most important ways to develop a character and create a desired playstyle. Charisma unlocks extra dialogue options with NPCs and provides better prices in shops, Science improves crafted consumables, and Vigor improves athletic ability to make certain traversal options viable. Lockpicking makes it easier to get into locked containers or areas, Craftsmanship allows players to improve their armor and weapons, and Intuition provides unique dialogue options separately from Charisma.

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It is recommended that players pick up at least some Vigor early on in the game, simply because it allows for more options during exploration. However, what Talents a player chooses to adopt relies heavily on their preferred playstyle.

The companion Kurt begins the game with a chestpiece that gives a +1 bonus to lockpicking. Removing it from him and putting it on the player character is an easy way to get some lockpicking ability from the start.

Intuition may be slightly more useful than charisma for unlocking new dialogue options. This is because the dialogues that it unlocks are guaranteed, rather than being tied to a skill check like the ones given by Charisma. Science and Craftsmanship are both extremely useful because of the potions and upgrades that they provide, but only a few points in each of these two Talents is needed to get good enough benefits for most players.

GreedFall is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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