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greedfall best class

The new RPG GreedFall allows players to spec their character in a variety of different ways, but to start, players will have to select their class. Players can choose from Warrior, Technical, and Magic, all of which have different strengths, weaknesses, and play styles. While this is not nearly as many classes as games like World of Warcraft Classic, it still gives players a choice to make.

The class players choose at the start of GreedFall has a lot of different effects on the game beyond just combat. Greedfall, which has garnered comparisons to the Dragon Age series, features a system that allows players to approach many of the quests and encounters in a plethora of different ways. The class players choose at the start of the game will determine how a lot of these quests play out.

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Players should know that the class they choose at the beginning won’t lock them into a certain play style for the entire lengthy runtime of GreedFall. Even though the initial choices give players certain skill buffs that relate to their starting class, players have the freedom to upgrade other skills as the game progresses in order to build a multi-focused character.

This takes a little of the stress out of the initial choice, but the class players pick at the start will still determine their path for the first few hours of the game, so players should choose what best suits their play style. The class system works like some other RPGs, so it might help if players should think back to what class they picked in games like the excellent Dragon Age: Inquisition. For a deep dive into the class system, players can watch this video.

Otherwise, here is an overview of the classes in GreedFall.


The Warrior class fights exclusively close-up with two-handed weapons. Players using the Warrior class will have access to large, heavy weapons that they can use to break through enemy armor or interrupt enemy attacks. Warriors will have the drawback of always needing to get close to enemies to attack. They also move a bit more slowly due to their heavy weapons.

Players who choose warrior will get better weapon effectiveness over time, some options for dodging, and some powerful heavy damage-dealing attacks. Warriors will get an initial stat boost in Crafting and Vigor which will give them the ability to enhance and repair weapons and armor, regenerate health more quickly, and jump and climb to otherwise inaccessible places.


The Technical class focuses more on control of the battlefield. Players who choose Technical will have the ability to lay traps and apply status effects during combat. They will use a balance of close-up one-handed weapons and ranged attacks with GreedFall's firearms. Players who choose the Technical class might do less direct damage, but they will have the ability to inflict more damage over time.

Technical class players will get access to traps, thrown vials, weapon coatings, and large area of effect attacks. The Technical class will start players with a boost in Science and Lockpicking which will give them the ability to craft potions, craft ammo, and get into places that they might not otherwise have the ability to enter.


The magic using class has the ability to cast spells from a distance or get up close with a little bit of one-handed weapon melee. Magic has the benefit of cutting through protective enemy armor to do damage to the core health. But it does have a cost. Players will need to keep an eye on their mana bar which will drain as they use spells. Players can replenish their mana with special potions or wait for it to refill automatically over time.

Players who choose the Magic class will eventually get healing power, better mobility, and options for crowd control. They will also get some killer area of effect attacks. Magic users will get an early game bump in Science and Intuition which helps with potion and ammo-making, exploration and mapping, and dialogue.

Each of these classes has their own benefits and drawbacks. Players must think about whether they want to cast spells at a distance, get up close, or inflict damage over time. GreedFall's class system offers players a good balance no matter which path they choose, and ultimately it will come down to each player's specific play style and which skills players want a bonus in from the very beginning. Plus, GreedFall allows players to build a party that will follow them around and help them out, which will help fill any gaps caused by choosing a certain class.

GreedFall is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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