GreedFall: Best Build for Big Damage

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Spiders' new action RPG GreedFall is all about choice, giving players the power to customize their characters in a number of ways. This process of character customization begins by selecting a class in GreedFall, but players will quickly discover that they can pick and choose skills with a variety of foci, opening up options for hybrid characters. With so many options available, some players may be looking for guidance as they attempt to make the best build in GreedFall, and that is exactly the purpose of this guide.

To note, while the GreedFall build featured here is quite powerful, it should not be considered the final word when it comes to determining the game's best build. As is the case when deciding the best talent in GreedFall, coming up with a build should take a fan's preferred play style into heavy consideration. That said, for those looking for a strong GreedFall build that straddles the line between the Technical and Warrior classes, the one shown here is definitely worth trying.

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What is the Best Build in GreedFall?

As previously alluded to, the GreedFall build featured here creates a hybrid character that wields powerful longswords and douses enemies with poison. It specs into the longsword tree in order to increase attack speed, and then uses the Technical class's ability to coat weapons to add some more power to these mighty swords. Additionally, this hybrid GreedFall build places heavy emphasis on bombs and traps, with the goal being to bring poison damage into the mix, and fury generation.

For players that are looking to maximize the power of this GreedFall build, having two longswords on hand is advisable. One of these GreedFall weapons should be setup to focus on armor damage while the other should be oriented toward high raw damage. This will allow players to quickly break through an opponent's armor before switching longswords and dealing deadly damage to the foe's health.

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While GreedFall may not be a flawless experience, many RPG fans are sure to find a lot to love in Spiders' latest offering. Hopefully for those that may be struggling with finding a build that they truly enjoy playing, the GreedFall build featured here will fit the bill and increase the enjoyment that comes from exploring Teer Fradee.

GreedFall is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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