10 Great Team Compositions In Apex Legends

There are a ton of different squad combinations in Apex Legends, and it seems like that number is going to keep growing every season. While it might not seem like there are that many characters to keep track of compared to games like Rainbow Six Siege or Overwatch, there's still a lot of different abilities you need to be aware of in order to stay ahead of your opponents.

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Apex really comes into it's own when you start thinking of how different characters can interact together to form some real team cohesion. A Legend that may not be great shakes on their own could be invaluable in a squad that knows how to use their abilities to their fullest extent, so let's take a look at some of the best possible squad combinations in Apex Legends:


This squad is all about smoke. Caustic creates smoke that hampers enemies vision, causes damage to their health despite their shield condition, and slows them down when inside. Bangalore has her own smoke capabilities that create a veritable blanket of smoke no one can see through.

While these two characters may seem like they could hamper your team as much as help them, when paired with a Bloodhound, that smoke becomes your best friend. Bloodhound has two abilities to help him see in this situation; his Active ability will take a snapshot of enemies for your whole team to see, and his Ultimate ability will make the enemy glow red despite the smoky conditions.


This squad puts a heavy emphasis on confusing your enemies and getting into positions that they don't quite expect. Each of these characters excels in that in their own way; Octane can boost his movement speed a pretty serious amount, and his jump pads allow for the whole team to gain new positions quickly.

Pathfinder's grapple line allows him to close the gap between him and others with ludicrous speed, and allows him to get vertical sight-lines the enemy isn't going to be looking for. Wraith can use her portals to maneuver her team into a more advantageous position, and she can get to that area without being harmed because of her ability to go intangible. Mirage could be thrown in here for any of these characters because of his proclivity for misdirection.


Similar to the first squad, this team excels at cutting off sight-lines and forcing enemies where you want them to go. With Gibraltar in the mix, you can toss a gas canister into a Gibraltar shield, ensuring no enemy is going to push them out of the bubble. But where this team really shines is in their Ultimate's.

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Both Gibraltar and Bangalore have Ultimate's that can completely cut off an area for enemies, only allowing them cover if they can get a roof over their heads. Force enemies into a building, then toss Caustic's Ultimate in to choke the enemies that are trapped in the building. With no escape from the Ultimate abilities, they should be easy pickings.


With this squad combination, it'll be pretty difficult for any enemy to push an engagement on you that you don't want to take. Gibraltar can keep the entire team safe with his shield when need be, and Caustic can dissuade enemies from pushing into it with his gas canisters (the same can be accomplished with Wattson and her fences).

Lifeline can take care of any wounds sustained when the team was in danger, and by the team Gibraltar's shield drops, everyone should be back in fighting shape.


This squad is all about baiting enemies into a trap. Pathfinder's grapple lines can be used by enemies, and often times, when they get a squad into a positional advantage, enemies will use them fairly often.

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Use a Pathfinder grapple to get your team onto a wall at the airbase, for example, then trap your end of the grapple with Caustic's gas and Wattson's fences. Any enemy unfortunate enough to travel the length of the grapple is going to have a difficult time surviving the landing, ensuring enemy teams have a hard time pushing you out of your vertical advantage.


This works similarly to the last squad, except it's Wraith's portals we're trapping this time. The advantage to this is that enemies often have no way of knowing what the other end of the portal looks like, so they're much more likely to fall into this trap.

While they do have an easy escape by jumping back through the portal, it does work to dissuade enemies from daring to jump in again, giving your team some distance to work out your next step.


This squad works best when able to hole up in a building and wait out a circle. Both Caustic and Wattson can make a building a true hell for enemies to have to deal with, and most teams will end up staying outside rather than push in.

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With Lifeline inside with her D.O.C. drone and Wattson's Ultimate destroying incoming grenades and recharging shields, you can pretty easily stay in the building indefinitely (circle willing).


This is one of those good, all-around team compositions. There's no real synergy to work with here, besides Bangalore and Gibraltar both having Ultimate's that can severely limit an enemies ability to move into an area.

All of these legends are solid, and together, they can make a tough, ready-for-anything kind of team.


This squad is all about gathering intel. Having more information that your opponents means your team gets to make the smarter decision, and each of these characters grabs intel in a different way. Bloodhound's scans reveal enemies nearby, his Ultimate highlights enemies in his field of view, and his passive gives him tons of information on any enemy in his surroundings.

Mirage's decoys reveal enemies foolish enough to shoot them, while Pathfinder has the ability to find the next ring location, enabling your team to find a good position before the enemies. Wraith is capable of warning her team any time an enemy aims at her. With this much info at your disposal, you should always be able to make an informed decision.


This squad is all about controlling urban environments. It works similar to the squad that included both Wattson and Caustic, but this time around, you'll have more intel at your disposal with a Bloodhound.

His scans should be able to warn his teammates of any nearby enemies, and when the party is in an urban environment like Slum Lakes or Skull Town, enemies are going to be in scanning range a lot. Wattson or Caustic should be able to dissuade enemies from having a good push, and the team should be able to keep control of the area.

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