10 Great Anime Games No One Talks About

Most anime series are based on already running manga serializations. In a way, you can see them as a sort of ad campaign or promotion for the original work. But if a manga or anime gets big enough, this spills out into nearly every facet of pop culture. Movies, toys and even games are made to build off a given series’ success. While there are a lot of anime games that are just generic, every so often you can find some that are truly great.

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Maybe it’s because there are so many mediocre titles out there, but for some reason, these anime games just don’t get the respect they deserve. For hardcore fans of each given series, these may seem like no brainers. But for the rest, this list will highlight some hidden gems that might have slipped by you over the years. Here are 10 great anime games no one talks about.

10 Attack On Titan

With all the attention that the anime gets, you’d expect that the Attack on Titan game would get more love than it actually does. While not a perfect titles by any means, Attack on Titan is great for both series veterans and those just getting into the franchise. Though, it’s probably best that you experience the story through either the anime or manga first before moving on to this.

One thing the game got right was the 3D Maneuvering Gear, which works pretty well and ends up being a lot of fun once u get used to it. It’s a great game, that no one really saw coming.

9 Digimon World

Here’s a game that wasn’t really received well by critics, but was still enjoyable despite it all. Digimon World is one of the older titles on this list, but can still be appreciated for what it is today. It’s a bit of a forgotten title, and the aforementioned lukewarm reception probably has something to do with that.

The game mixes in RPG and digital pet elements. It has you raise a Digimon from its egg form and it’s up to you how far it gets from there. It’s not a perfect game, but enjoyable regardless.

8 One Piece: World Seeker

Here’s another game that the critics didn’t exactly love. World Seeker isn’t the first One Piece game put out there, and you can bet it won’t be the last. But despite its bad reviews, fans seem to like it a good deal and in the end, that’s what really matters.

The game suffers from a bit of cut content, and that can be a make or break decision for some fans. While it is unfortunate that fans playing the North American version have to deal with slight altercations, the game is still plenty enjoyable.

7 Bleach: Soul Resurrección

One thing to note here is that most anime games don’t exactly get amazing reviews. It makes sense in a way, as a lot of them are just made with the intent of being cash grabs. But every so often you’ll find some that critics just didn’t give a fair chance. Soul Resurrección is one of those games.

Soul Resurrección is a pretty standard action game, with a fairly sizable roster of playable characters. It can get repetitive, but should still offer you a pretty solid 10-20 hours of gameplay, depending on how much you want to put into it.

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6 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

You don’t hear much about Ghost in the Shell games, but Stand Alone Complex is worth mentioning. It’s a fun game that doesn’t get that much love, making it perfect for our list.

The game was exclusive to the PS2 and was again met with some fairly lukewarm reception. The third-person shooter is a great rendition of the 2002 anime and does a good job of transitioning what fans saw and experienced into a game setting. If you want to get the most out of the game, then be sure to try out the two to four-person multiplayer.

5 My Hero: One’s Justice

Given how popular My Hero Academia has been in recent years, you’d expect the gaming market to be flooded with retellings, spin-offs and whatever else anime game cash grabs are associated with. But it’s been fairly quiet on that front, at least compared to other big-name anime series.

One’s Justice may not be the best fighting game out there, but it’s a fun effort and something fans of the series would really enjoy. The best part of the game I being able to play as either hero or villain, giving you the chance to better explore and acquaint yourself with characters who don’t always get the spotlight in the anime and manga.

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4 Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II

With all the Dragon Ball games out there, it’s easy to overlook a lot of them – especially the handheld titles. The Legacy of Goku II is one of the best Dragon Ball games out there, yet it rarely gets any love.

It’s an action-RPG and introduced several improved gameplay features; the scouter charged melee attacks and the ability to customize players with capsules found throughout the game’s world. All in all, it’s a must-play for any Dragon Ball fan.

3 Fate/Extra

The Fate series has many different entry points. While the series has plenty of manga and anime variants, there aren’t that many games based off of it in comparison. Which is a little strange considering the whole franchise got its start with a Visual Novel.

Fate/Extra is a great dungeon-crawling JRPG. The game allows the player a different servant depending on the difficulty mode, which adds to its replayability. Its battle mechanics are a little frustrating and focus on figuring out enemy attack patterns. Once you pull this off though, it’s a really fun experience.

2 Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

If you’re a fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game then you’ll love Forbidden Memories. The game is pretty much the TCG but has its own plot and is really fun for even those who aren’t accustomed to the game.

The big draw here is being able to play the TCG while experiencing the unique narrative the game offers. Forbidden Memories did come out nearly two decades ago though, so series veterans will have to go back to basics if they pick this up. Regardless it’s still plenty of fun to play.

1 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Eyes of Heaven

Eye’s of Heaven may not be a title many gamers are familiar with, but it’s likely one that plenty of JoJo fans know well. It’s a single-player fighting game that’s filled with fan service for fans of the manga and anime series.

Eye’s of Heaven features a brand new narrative set right after part 3 of the series. Because of that, a selection of characters from parts 1-8 can be paired up and paired against. It isn’t only a fun game, but a really great celebration of the series and its characters.

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