Grease Is The Game!

Grease The Offical Video Game Is Coming To The Wii and DS

After 32 years, the film classic, Grease, is getting a video game adaption. 505 Games and Paramount Digital Entertainment have teamed up to bring Grease: The Official Video Game to Nintendo’s Wii and DS.

In the Wii version of Grease, you and up to 8 friends will sing along to to 16 memorable songs from the movie and dance on the Wii Balance Board. There are also a nice selection of mini games where you will race the legendary Greased Lightnin’ and try to get your varsity jacket by playing sports games.

The DS version will allow you to use your DSi camera to put your face on the main character of the game. You’ll compete in dance-offs in Rydell High, where you’ll learn the real dances from the movie. Both games will have a story mode where your job is to fix up Greased Lightnin’ and win the heart of Sandy.

While Grease is 32 years old it always seems to find a new generation of fans. It might be John Travolta’s handsome smile, but I’m sure this game will not only get picked up by kids, but also parents who grew up loving the movie. I'm confident my mom and sister will get this when I tell them about it.

I actually like the idea of this game better than say, a Beatles: Rock Band. Rather than just relying on the music, they are giving you some other fun mini-games to play and I think a lot of other people will like it, too.

If this game is marketed correctly, I can see it being a sleeper hit with the huge population of Grease fans. If not, this game could be a beauty school dropout. As long as the game is executed properly it could definitally be “the one that I want, ohh, ohh ohh, honey”.

Grease: The Offical Video Game comes out on Nintendo Wii and DS on August 24th.

Are any of you Ranters interested in Grease: The Official Video Game?

Source: Nintendo Everything

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