Sony reveals a brand new gameplay video for Gravity Rush 2, showing off the project’s thrilling action and stunning world in advance of the game’s upcoming PS4 release.

The original Gravity Rush has become one of the darlings of the PS Vita library, providing exciting gameplay and a standout cel-shaded graphical style for those who played it. After the game’s popularity in the handheld market, it was no surprise to see the title brought over to home console release, via an updated PS4 version named Gravity Rush Remastered. With a sequel, Gravity Rush 2, on the way, Sony has now released some footage of the upcoming game.

The gameplay video was shared by Sony on the official PlayStation Japan YouTube channel, after a Gravity Rush 2 streaming event was held on August 18 – or rather Gravity Daze 2, as the title is known in Japan. From this rather substantial look at the title’s gameplay, it’s unlikely that fans of the original game are going to be disappointed in what this sequel will have to offer.

The extensive video, which ends up clocking it at over an hour and a quarter, reveals a lot about the upcoming title. After showcasing some character art and other screenshots, the gameplay itself begins after approximately 22 minutes. The video takes players on a tour of what this PS4 release will play like, with the game’s unique gravity-bending mechanics from the original still quite clearly in place. Meanwhile, the title appears to show off yet more vibrant and unique locations, maintaining the cel-shaded style that made the original game so popular. For those interested, the full video can be seen below.

Should the sequel prove to be as successful as the original game, then Sony will no doubt be happy with the outcome. The PS Vita version of the title proved to be a surprise hit for the device, garnering critical acclaim and a strong following of fans. It was unsurprising, then, that a sequel would be on the way – particularly after such plaudits as a best handheld nomination at the 2013 Game Developers Choice Awards.

However, it seems as though the development team has learned from what was successful about the game’s re-release on the PS4 in order to put the finishing touches to this sequel. If anything, Gravity Rush Remastered was even better than the PS Vita original, and for many the big screen is the best way to play Gravity Rush entirely.

As it stands, Gravity Rush 2 is certainly looking like it could be yet another hit for the franchise. Of course, there are still a few months to go until the game sees release in December, so there is plenty of time for fans of the original get be on the receiving end of more information courtesy of Sony. Hopefully, when the title does launch, it proves to be every bit as impressive as this gameplay video suggests.

Gravity Rush 2 will be released in North America on December 2, 2016, for the PS4.

Source: PlayStation Japan (YouTube)