Grand Theft Auto V: The 10 Craziest Random Encounters You Probably Missed

The world of Grand Theft Auto V is absolutely massive. Video games are rapidly expanding in terms of scope and scale, and GTA V is a perfect representation of what the seventh generation of consoles was truly capable of doing. Quite frankly, it's amazing that this was made for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Not only is it large in scale, but it is dense. Therefore, it can be quite easy to miss all the glorious, exciting, and often hilarious random encounters that pop up throughout the game's world. And trust us, you do not want to miss them.

These are the ten craziest random encounters you probably missed.

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10 The Wind Farm Couple

Sometimes when you enter the RON Alternates Wind Farm you can find a Journey parked on a dirt road. If you approach the Journey, you will discover two male intimate inside the car. It's certainly a surprise, especially if you had no prior knowledge about the event (which, if you're reading this, you do! Sorry!). You can simply leave them to their passion, but should you disturb them in any way, they will turn hostile and attack you. You don't get a reward, but you can steal the Journey. Yay.

9 Redneck Border Patrol

And speaking of rednecks, it turns out that they're not the friendliest...or most welcoming of people. There are three distinct locations within the game - Mount Haan Road in the Grand Senora Desert, the Tataviam Mountains, and Raton Canyon - where a small group of rednecks will ambush you in the belief that you are an unwelcome foreigner. They ride motorcycles and yell things like, "Hey you!" "Speaky English!" and "Passporto, a**hole!" Of course, you have the option to dispose of every last one of them, and you will receive $700 in money drops.

8 Live Burial

We're not sure if you know this, but the world of Grand Theft Auto V is hostile and dangerous. And sometimes you just happen upon a live burial. No big deal. In North Point, Paleto Bay, you can find two men attempting to bury a woman alive for whatever reason. Of course, you can let them bury her, but you can also intervene and save the woman.

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Should you do that, you will receive $1,200 in dropped cash, and should you give the woman a ride back home, her family will gift you $60,000 at a later date in thanks. You get to feel good and moral, AND you get a bunch of cash! So, yeah, this one is definitely worth exploring.

7 The Lost

This one plays very similarly to the redneck border patrol encounters. In two places - Hawick Avenue and San Andreas Avenue in Textile City - a group of Lost gang members will make an appearance and steal some money. In the Hawick Avenue encounter, they will steal the takings of a store and escape in a black van. In the Textile City encounter, they will steal the wallet of a random pedestrian. In both cases, you have the option to keep the cash, in which case you will earn $2,000. If you return the money to its rightful owner, you will earn $200 and $50, respectively, and a full special meter.

6 The Construction Accident

The world of Grand Theft Auto V is filled with immorality and some truly despicable characters. However, you always have the option to make it a slightly brighter place. At some random time while passing by Calais Avenue in Little Seoul, you will come across a significant construction accident that sees a worker trapped inside his utility vehicle. It is up to you to hop into a nearby Dozer and use it to push the heavy pipes off the truck, allowing the worker to escape. Should you not, or should you take too long, the vehicle will explode, obviously taking the passenger with it.

5 The Great Ocean Highway Crash

Following in a similar vein is the Great Ocean Highway crash. Although this random encounter isn't QUIIITE as moral. At some random time while traversing the Great Ocean Highway, you will come across a car accident and find one lone and injured survivor. You will also discover that she is a getaway driver and that she had crashed the car while escaping from a robbery. You can then give her a ride to her destination, and if you reach it in time (before she dies from her injuries), you will receive thanks and a driver for future heist missions.

4 Route 68 Robbery

This is one of the most significant random events in the entire game. It occurs on Route 68 in Harmony, and it sees a massive gunfight between a group of criminals and the responding police officers. You have two options - wait until the police dispose of the criminals (which they eventually will) or help the criminals eliminate the cops. If you do the former, you can pick up the criminals' briefcases and take their $10,000 in cash. Should you perform the latter, you will earn $10,000 in dropped money, but you will also earn a significant three star wanted level. Make your choice!

3 Domestic Disturbance

Sometimes these random events will result in a friend. Such is the case with the Vinewood Hills domestic disturbance. On Didion Drive in the Vinewood Hills you can come across a domestic disturbance as a woman is kicking a man out of their house. If you wait around long enough, the man will retrieve his golf clubs and enter your car, and you can then give him a ride to wherever he wants to go.

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If you do this, the man will give you $80 as thanks, and you will earn a golfing partner with a hard skill level. So, if you fancy yourself a bit of a golfer, be sure to hit up this random encounter!

2 Paparazzi Attack

Grand Theft Auto V is fantastic at satirizing the Hollywood culture, and that includes taking multiple digs at the annoying paparazzi. On Vinewood Boulevard in Downtown Vinewood you can stumble across a celebrity being hounded by the paparazzi. She will ask you for your help, and you can then pick her up in your car and take her away from the nagging voices and flashing lights. If you manage to lose the paparazzi (who will likely give chase in their own cars), you will receive the celebrity's thanks and $750 in cold hard cash. Not bad for a quick getaway!

1 Getaway Driver

You can help a getaway driver on the Great Ocean Highway, but you can also become a getaway driver yourself! To do so you'll have to go to the corner of Strawberry Avenue and Forum Drive in Strawberry. It is here that you will find two robbers attempting to make a quick getaway. You can of course just dispose of them yourself, earning anywhere between $80 and $2,000 per robber. Not great. However, you can also help them, in which case you will need to lose a two star wanted level. If you do this, the criminals will give you $1,000 and offer their services for future heists.

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