Grand Theft Auto V: 10 Hidden Areas You Didn’t Know Existed


Grand Theft Auto V is an enormous game. Not in terms of sales (although it is that, too), but in terms of pure physicality. It is absolutely sprawling, filled with many memorable and distinguishing areas, including the city of Los Santos, the ocean and beaches, and the deserts of California (or San Andreas).

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As with any massive game, there are numerous hidden areas that may have escaped the more casual player who simply rushed through the story. Luckily, we live in a period with the internet, and these hidden areas have since come to light.

These are ten hidden areas in Grand Theft Auto V you didn't know existed.

10 Abandoned Mine Shaft

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Out in the country, in Great Chaparral, there is a spooky abandoned mine shaft that can be entered via explosives. If you manage to find a way in, you will see various boring mine-y things like tools and railroads. There's also a random body wearing a suit from the '40s. Various theories persist as to who this could be, including a man that Solomon Richards had killed, or even Cole Phelps from L.A. Noire. Others believe that the mine is haunted, as they allegedly hear footsteps inside the mine. Is it the ghost of the dead man? Possibly...

9 Tongva Hills Cave

The Tongva Hills Cave isn't a super exciting area or anything, but it's still worth a little explore (especially if you want to collect all the spaceship parts). The cave is located in Tongva Hills, smack in the middle of Tongva Valley, Tongva Hills, and the Banham Canyon.

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The cave is accessible via a small crack in the mountainside, and it contains nothing but some rocks and a spaceship component. Many theories have been thrown around regarding the purpose of the cave. Some believe that it is inhabited by aliens, and others think it's the home of the mythical Tongva Hills Creature.

8 Cape Catfish

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North of the San Chianksi Mountain Range is a small fishing village named Cape Catfish. The coastal environment consists of rocky outcroppings, and the town is in the vein of a New England fishing hamlet. Players can also encounter a few creepy abandoned houses and buildings, helping add to the incredibly isolated feeling of the entire area. It's a very creepy area, and it lets the imagination run wild. Were these people eaten by the Goatman (there have been alleged "sightings" in the area)? Were they simply run out of town due to logistical and economic reasons? Perhaps we'll never know...

7 The Coastal Cave

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The Coastal Cave is another area housing a spaceship part. It is situated on the eastern coast of the state, just north of the city of Los Santos, and the entrance is large enough that you can easily drive a boat through it. The cave is quite large and easily explored, and it contains both a spaceship part and a letter scrap from Leonora Johnson. Players may have expected more from such a large and assuming cave, but unfortunately, there's no secret base in here or anything. It's just a cave, but really, that's just as cool! Especially for the explorers.

6 El Gordo Lighthouse

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Within Cape Catfish is a lighthouse called the El Gordo Lighthouse. It...looks like a lighthouse, covered in white and red paint and standing on a rocky outcrop in the eastern sea. Much like Cape Catfish, the area is incredibly eerie and desolate, although it brilliantly captures the look and sensation of small east coast towns. There's also a small house near the lighthouse owned by a woman named Ursula, who is inferred to be mentally ill, or possibly even psychotic. Suffice to say, the El Gordo Lighthouse is a creepy location within a creepy location. Maybe you shouldn't go there after all.

5 The Grave On The Mountain

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And wouldn't you know it, there's yet more creepy locations near Cape Catfish! This random grave is located at the top of the mountain range south of the El Gordo Lighthouse. If you pick up Ursula during a Strangers and Freaks mission, she will reference the grave on the mountain, which is said to be that of her mother.

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Other players think that it could be a reference to Red Dead Redemption, as the grave and the location bear a striking resemblance to John Marston's. Rockstar even used this location in a Treasure Hunt mission to promote Red Dead Redemption 2, lending further credence to that theory.

4 The Crashed Merryweather Plane

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In the mission Minor Turbulence, Trevor hijacks a Merryweather plane and is subsequently shot down by the Air Force. While Trevor makes a last-minute escape, the plane crashes into the Alamo Sea. Most players would simply forget about the plane, but curious explorers that ventured into the depths of the Alamo Sea were rewarded with the crashed plane. Various military weapons, including grenades, C4, a Kevlar vest, and even a rocket launcher can be found strewn on the seabed near the wrecked plane. You see how being curious can reward you!?

3 Mount Chiliad Tunnel

We think it's safe to assume that no one missed Mount Chiliad. Many story missions take place on or near it, and it's the subject of one of the game's most enduring mystery. Also, it's a massive freaking mountain in the middle of the map! However, it's possible that you missed the Mount Chiliad Tunnel, a subterranean tunnel that connects the Paleto Forest to the Alamo Sea. The tunnel doesn't really contain anything of importance, although it's certainly creepy to walk through an abandoned tunnel. Some people think it leads to a secret area within Mount Chiliad, while others claim to hear whispers and footsteps while exploring the tunnel. Is this yet another haunted location?

2 The Mount Gordo Campsite

The Mount Gordo Campsite is found on the eastern coast of Mount Gordo (duh), just north of the El Gordo Lighthouse (again with the lighthouse and Cape Catfish!). The campsite appears unassuming, consisting of a few tents, picnic tables, and campers. While the campsite itself is relatively boring, it is said to be home of various mythical monsters, including the Goatman, Hellhounds, and even Bigfoot. What ISN'T a myth is the ghost of Jolene Cranley-Evans, which can be spotted from the campsite. That's sure to scare off a few visitors...

1 The Senora Desert Structure


The Senora Desert structure is called that because A) it's in the Senora Desert, and B) no one really knows what it is. The structure can be found southwest of the Sandy Shores Airfield, just east of Harmony. It looks similar to the Abandoned Mine Shaft, as it's very mine-y, it's built into the desert wall, and it features numerous wooden support beams.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to enter the structure, although players theorize that it could be a munitions cache or a Cold War-era bunker. Either way, it's a fascinating little area, and it definitely gets the imagination going.

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