With the deluge of details produced last week  for Grand Theft Auto V, it would be understandable if Rockstar Games, revealing new information on the game for the first time since its November 2011 announcement trailer, decided to take a break; to relax, sit in the sun, and be a game studio like all the other game studios. But, well… you know how it is.

After Rockstar finally offered a definitive portrait for Grand Theft Auto V’s characters (including three protagonists), mission structures, gameplay traits, and the open world of Los Santos, the studio has confirmed today that the second Grand Theft Auto V trailer — scheduled last week to premiere on Wednesday, November 14th — will be available that day starting at 11 AM EST. In the meantime, though, a heaping 19 new screenshots have emerged to ease the wait.

Aside from making Grand Theft Auto V appear even more beautiful — the framing and lighting of each shot is superb; it’s entirely possible that some, if not all of these screens are taken from Wednesday’s upcoming trailer — many of the stills offer insight into the newly announced features of the game and breathe character into GTA V’s troika of playable protagonists: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshots Trevor Execution

The shots of Trevor, for instance, like the one above, illustrate the malice of the man who may well be the most volatile of the group. A former military pilot-turned-incessant drug user who makes a living as a bank robber, we know Trevor’s talents will be put to good use with GTA V’s multi-layered heist missions and extensive manifest of aircraft. For a game also promising the freedom to switch between Trevor, Michael, and Franklin during open gameplay, however, it will be interesting to see if the character motives invoked by the narrative eventually threaten to strain the trio’s relationship.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshots Helicopter Shooting

Grand Theft Auto 5 Screens Sunset Racing

And then, of course, there are the finer gameplay elements of Grand Theft Auto V, spotlighted above by a high wire helicopter shootout and and a sleek sunset chase. Rockstar says it has given a complete overhaul to the combat and vehicle mechanics found in Grand Theft Auto IV: shooting, it says, has developed “a long way” (hopefully to the finesses-filled tune of Max Payne 3); melee has been given more attention;  and cars “hold better to the ground,” resembling the physics of a dedicated racing game. A screenshot, singular and still, can only tease the way such ingredients will play out in the game, but the potential for exhilarating action and a breathtaking atmosphere in GTA V couldn’t be more evident.

And we could have chosen any of the 19 new screens uncovered this week to break down in advance of Wednesday’s trailer. From F-18 dogfighting to mountain range parachuting, from busting open car windows to biking in sandals, a lot of ground is covered in the gallery below (or above). Be sure to click around, and let us know what you think about Rockstar’s massive new production.

Grand Theft Auto 5 releases in the Spring of 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. PC and Wii U releases have yet to be announced or dated.

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Source: PCGames.de [via CVG]