Corrupted Saves: Grand Theft Star Wars

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Coming to us very soon from data centers that are relatively not that far far away, Star Wars: The Old Republic will be setting a tingle the midichlorians of MMO gamers everywhere. Some of you lucky kids were probably even part of the early access elite and have already chosen on which side of the Force you fall. However, some of you may still be undecided. So rather than make the obvious jokes about Han shooting first or that George Lucas will probably demand patches for the game that requires your character to scream "NOOOOOO!" every time they die, let's go over a few things that may help you decide whether you're a goodie Galactic guy or a surly Sith soldier.

First of all, when choosing your character's path, it's all about benefits. I don't mean which side has the cooler colored lightsabers. I'm talking medical, dental and 401K. You get a limb lopped off once stuff starts going down, you need to think about what kind of co-pay or deductible you have to cough up for that cybernetic replacement. Next, consider whether or not you're willing to relocate. Perhaps to a giant space station. One that has a tendency to get blown up a lot. Given that scenario may be a few thousand years later, but it's good to plan ahead. Finally, we know that BioWare loves hot blue aliens. So if that's your thing, you might want to find out which side may have more of them.

The wait is finally over on Tuesday when Star Wars: The Old Republic makes certain that you'll have no problem ignoring your family this holiday.

Star Wars The Old Republic Corrupted Saves Game Rant Webcomic Issue 065

Comic by Zac Landry.

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