Competitive Eater Tackles the Insane GTA: San Andreas Fast Food Order

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When it comes to the video game experience, most gamers are content just enjoying their adventures on the screen. Matt Stonie, on the other hand, has taken gaming to a whole new level. The competitive eater released a video of him taking on the Big Smoke challenge, essentially eating every bite of food from Big Smoke’s order from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The huge amalgamation of food from Big Smoke’s GTA: San Andreas order comes to a whopping 9,050 calories, and Stonie puts it down in just under 35 minutes. It’s an impressive feat that’s worthy of Big Smoke’s endeavor to consume many pounds of food.

For those who don’t remember or who haven’t played the Rockstar Games classic, Big Smoke orders two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s (one with cheese), and a large soda. Gamers on social media and Reddit have long discussed what each of these items would be in real life, and Stonie picked out one of the most popular lists for his challenge.

The spread of food is impressive to say the least, though it pales in comparison to some of Stonie’s other challenges, some of which venture above 20,000 calories. That said, it’s a wonder anyone as slim as Stonie could pack that much food into his body at once. Viewers watch as Stonie chows down, wondering the whole time where all the food could possibly be going.

As Stonie progresses through his challenge, he comments about the difficulty of eating the food on Big Smoke’s order. Humorously, it’s the massive order of fries and sodas that prove to be the most challenging and boring for Stonie. Turns out, each item on Big Smoke’s order comes with its own side of fries and a drink – and then Big Smoke orders an extra large soda on the side, just for kicks.


Now, if only people in the real world could put on muscles at the same rate as GTA: San Andreas’ protagonist, CJ Johnson, by making a few quick visits to the gym and lifting a handful of weights a few times. Maybe one day. Until then, gamers are free to challenge each other with the Big Smoke eating challenge.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released on October 26, 2004 for the PlayStation 2, and on June 7, 2005 for PC and Xbox.

Source: Matt Stonie – YouTube

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