GTA 5 Gets Pokemon GO Mod

GTA 5 Pokemon GO mod

Pokemon GO comes to the streets of Los Santos in a new Grand Theft Auto 5 mod that allows players to 'catch 'em all' from the comfort of their own homes.

Allowing players to catch Pokemon out in the real world, the hugely popular augmented-reality app Pokemon GO has successfully gotten people off of their couches and out of their homes to go and explore their communities. As players look to catch ‘em all, the companies behind the game have been sued as Pokemon GO players trespass and others have found themselves in dangerous water, clearly failing to heed the game’s warning of being aware of their surroundings while playing.

But as the need to go out and interact with ‘real life’ has posed significant problems for Pokemon GO players and non-Pokemon trainers alike, there may be a solution in a new Grand Theft Auto 5 mod that brings Pokemon to the streets of Los Santos. Currently in development but set to be released soon, the mod allows players to do “many things which closely relate to [Pokemon GO],” says the mod’s creator Ludicrous Beach.

For example, just like in the mobile version, as players explore Los Santos, level one evolution Pokemon (such as Pikachu, Charmander and Squirtle) appear and can be captured by throwing a Pokeball at them. Captured Pokemon are then stored in the player’s inventory and for some of the virtual creatures, once 10 have been captured they can be evolved into level two evolution and eventually level three evolution Pokemon.


Additionally, the Pokemon GO mod even features a level/XP system, PokeStops, and eggs. The level and XP system is an “exact replication” of the original game, says Ludicrous Beach, so presumably the advice in Game Rant’s guide to gaining XP in Pokemon GO will prove useful with the GTA 5 mod too. PokeStops, meanwhile, are distributed in Los Santos (“with a few in San Andreas”), can only be collected from on foot, and can only be re-visited five minutes after previously visiting it. Going to PokeStops provides players with eggs (2km, 5km, 10km), which can be placed in an incubator; the higher the distance required, the higher the evolution level of the hatched Pokemon.

Unfortunately, one key feature the mod is missing is Pokemon Gyms. Gyms, which allow players to test their training abilities against other players are not present in the GTA 5 mod as it is intended to be played single player and using mods in GTA Online can be a bannable offense. It may be disappointing to hear that the mod isn’t the full package but then again, for a social experience, the real version of Pokemon GO is available instead.

Source: NextGenUpdate

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