Grand Theft Auto Online Gets New Vehicle Adversary Mode


Following the incorporation of an Independence Day update a couple of weeks ago, the video game developer Rockstar Games continues to expand the content for Grand Theft Auto Online. Now, the latest offering for the multiplayer component to GTA 5 is a new vehicular Adversary Mode called Overtime Rumble, which has been detailed as a "team-based vehicular remix" of darts combined with elements of a demolition derby.

In a blog post announcing the addition of Overtime Rumble to Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar Games explained that the new Adversary Mode can host up to 10 players, and will have them attempting to parachute and land the Ruiner 2000 on platforms of different sizes, with each successful landing being worth anywhere between 1 and 5 points. Overtime Rumble will handily reward players for their accuracy, as the mode currently offers Double GTA$ & RP now through July 17.


In addition to the inclusion of Overtime Rumble, Grand Theft Auto Online is also adding the Grotti Cheetah Classic (as pictured above) to the game for players to acquire through Legendary Motorsport. Plus, in order to further celebrate the new vehicle's availability to through the vendor, Rockstar Games has also added a Premium Race called "Big Drop" and a time trial event named "Up Chiliad" that can be accessed now through July 17 for major rewards.

Without a doubt, Rockstar Games' continued support for Grand Theft Auto Online well after the title's release in 2013 shows no sign of slowing down, as the game's community keeps growing and thrives to this day. Not to mention, it seems as if the base game still contains its fair share of secrets to uncover, with some fans of GTA 5 having recently discovered how to unlock the long-rumored Chiliad Mystery alien mission, proving that the title has plenty of hidden depths to explore.

Grand Theft Auto Online and all of its latest updates can be played through Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Rockstar Games

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