Rockstar Games releases a new Grand Theft Auto Online Valentine’s Day update, introducing new maps for an Adversary Mode, while also offering double rewards and discounts.

As Grand Theft Auto Online continues to make bank, Rockstar Games continues to give players of its multiplayer sandbox a reason to keep playing and spending money in the game. Already this year, the company has given players a new bike to buy and a brand new Adversary Mode that sees them pick up powerups in their vehicles. This follows on from a stellar 2016 in which the company released new modes, vehicles, items, events, and even expansions for the game on a regular basis.

Today, Rockstar has released yet another Grand Theft Auto Online update, this time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. While Rockstar isn’t introducing any ludicrously pink-colored or heart-shaped items to celebrate the romantic holiday, it is adding a couple of new maps for Til Death Do Us Part, the Adversary Mode it added in last year’s Valentine’s Day update. On the Rockstar Newswire, the company explains that the mode – which sees paired players share one life (if one dies so does the other) – has “two romantic new locations” at Legion Square and La Puerta.


Moreover, GTA Online players can bag themselves some sweet sales and double rewards. Several 2v2 Adversary Modes, including Hasta La Vista, Relay, and Offense Defense will offer double GTA$ and double RP and there is also a 25% bonus for GTA$ on Biker Business Sales and Special Cargo Deliveries until February 27. There’s also a 25% discount off of Be My Valentine Clothing, Benny’s Upgrades, the Ocelot Penetrator and a few others as well.

The chance for money-making and saving may not seem like much on paper, but for cash-strapped players it will add up. It could take a while to save up to buy the recently introduced James Bond-themed vehicle or set up their very own criminal empire, but celebrations like this Valentine’s Day event will really help them to rack up funds.

While Rockstar has not fully detailed its plans for GTA Online in 2017, this year could be a big one for the hugely popular multiplayer mode. According to one rumor, a GTA Online map expansion is on the way, with Rockstar having reportedly scrapped the highly anticipated GTA 5 story DLC just to make it. If that really is the case, it sounds as though it’s no small undertaking and players could well find themselves exploring new locations and going on new adventures in Los Santos very soon.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now in Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.