‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Update 1.05 Released; First Half of Stimulus This Week

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As promised, a new update for Grand Theft Auto Online has been released; this one intended to fix players’ missing progression and item problems. Players that boot up their copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 will be automatically prompted to download the update.

We first caught word of the update over the weekend alongside the promise that the GTA Online Stimulus Package would finally be rolled out to players. And so, with the update arriving right on schedule, it’s safe to assume the money shouldn’t be far behind.

That is, of course, assuming that this update fixes any missing progress problems. There’s no point in gifting players free cash if the second they lose connection with the GTA Online cloud servers that the money goes missing.

Luckily, those server connection problems are likely behind us thanks to this update. As Rockstar explains, the update includes a preventative measure that will protect players from losing their progress any time there are cloud connection problems. Similarly, a countermeasure, or actually a series of countermeasures, has been put in place to preserve players’ cash balances.

  • Built in measures to prevent users from losing their progress when there is a cloud outage
  • Built in a number of measures to protect players’ cash balances even if there are network problems
  • Fixed an issue where on rare occasions during network problems the player could lose their Online vehicle or mods after exiting GTA Online

It’s certainly a smart move on Rockstar’s part to make players’ cash balances more secure, as there are microtransactions on the way. We’ve yet to hear when Rockstar plans to start allowing players to trade real cash for in-game cash, but first things first obviously.

Grand Theft Auto Online Stimulus Delay

And speaking of in-game cash, it appears Rockstar is adhering to their previous plan for the Stimulus Package rollout. That means only half of the $500,000 sum will be available in the next few days, not the full amount. When the Stimulus Package missed its release date not once but twice, some speculated that Rockstar might lump the two sums together, but that’s apparently not the case.

Regardless of Rockstar’s claims, we wouldn’t blame gamers for venturing back into the open-world of GTA Online with a healthy dose of skepticism. Several times have players been given the “all clear” signal and discovered that the experience was still substantially flawed. It started on Day 1 and hasn’t improved all that much since.

Nevertheless, Rockstar is still sticking to their plans for Grand Theft Auto Online, which includes the release of the Content Creator and the Beach Bum Pack later this month. The Beach Bum Pack introduces some new beach-themed content into GTA Online and Grand Theft Auto 5‘s story mode, while the Content Creator includes the first pieces of what could be a robust set of mission-creation tools.


Will you return to Grand Theft Auto Online now that the latest update is available or will you wait for the Stimulus Package? Or will you return at all?

Source: Rockstar

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