GTA Online Releases Trailer for Top-Down Tiny Racers Mode


Just as promised when previously detailing some of Grand Theft Auto Online's upcoming special races, Rockstar Games has now officially announced the forthcoming inclusion of a new mode called Tiny Racers with an official trailer. The new game mode for the open world title's multiplayer component, which is set to release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 25, 2017, hearkens back to the original GTA and GTA 2 by shifting the camera into a top-down perspective, making the vehicles appear as small cars in the vein of Micro Machines.

As seen below in the trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online's Tiny Racers mode, it seems as if players will be racing their opponents on winding elevated platforms high above the surface level streets of Los Santos, as they vie for supremacy on the race track by slamming competitors into walls and knocking them off the track entirely. Not to mention, by the looks of the footage, players will be able to come across power ups in the form of machine guns, rocket launchers, speed boosts, and more.

For those unaware, before the Grand Theft Auto franchise shifted into its now-standard third-person perspective starting with the third entry in the series, the first two titles' gameplay was strictly seen from a fixed-camera view from above. Of course, with GTA Online's Tiny Racers taking place in a more modern era, it should be expected that the graphics are much more advanced than those of GTA and GTA 2.

While Grand Theft Auto Online fans await the addition of the Tiny Racers mode, Rockstar Games is offering bonuses in the game today only to commemorate the 4/20 date. With that being the case, marijuana business and business upgrades are 50% off, and any profits derived from weed sales will net 50% more money. Furthermore, should players go to LS Customs, the green tire smoke upgrade can be bought for half its original price.

Taking all of this into consideration, it's great to see that Rockstar Games is still supporting Grand Theft Auto 5 nearly four years after its release date. However, while most of the post-launch materials have been in the form of GTA Online missions, events, and modes, there are plenty of fans still holding out hope for the release of the game's story DLC, which would surely make players ecstatic if it ever gets released.

Grand Theft Auto Online's Tiny Racers mode is set to come to the game on April 25, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Rockstar Games – YouTube

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