The developers for Rockstar Games officially announce the inclusion of three brand new maps for GTA 5‘s multiplayer component Grand Theft Auto Online.

Rockstar Games is moving full steam ahead with its continual updates for Grand Theft Auto Online, with the studio having added three new maps to the Trading Places head-to-head mode found in the game’s huge Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update. The maps are going to be placed in various locations, such as the Lost Club House in Grapeseed, the Harmony Place Construction Site, and the Banning Docks Warehouse.

Those fans who wish to do so can go ahead and bookmark the fresh maps in-game in Grand Theft Auto Online. Each of the areas are respectively titled Trading Places IV, V, and VI, and according to Rockstar Games, players can check them out starting today.

On top of the fresh maps for Grand Theft Auto Online, developers have also declared a new weekly sale period, as well as the offer of a bevy of new items for players. Some of the noteworthy objects included are red pajamas and a “Smoking Jacket” seen in the still below. In order to get these, fans simply have to log into the game before Monday, June 20.

As far as the sale goes, however, Grand Theft Auto Online players will be able to get 50 percent off bulletproof tires and 25 percent off car armor, they can save 25 percent off Annihilator helicopters, and Ammu-Nation is offering 25 percent off certain weapons, ammo, and parachutes. A full list of the discounted items in the Ammu-Nation stores is as follows:

  • Carbine, Assault and Compact Rifles
  • Machine Pistol
  • SMG
  • Heavy Shotgun
  • Combat PDW
  • All Ammo
  • Weapon Tints and Etched Finishes
  • Body Armor
  • Parachute Bags and Canopies

While the aforementioned items for Grand Theft Auto Online fans provide a solid discount, some features in the game remain to be extremely expensive. For instance, Further Adventures in Finance and Felony’s gun locker prices are astronomical, with costs starting at $1 million of in-game money. Of course, while the feature of being able to stash weapons is definitely useful, some fans might have to avoid using it due to the exorbitant fee.

With Rockstar Games making sure to provide Grand Theft Auto Online with fresh environments, items, and gameplay, it’s no wonder why fans keep coming back for more, and have helped the studio generate nearly half a billion dollars in revenue for the multiplayer component. With developers continuing to make money hand over fist with GTA Online, Rockstar Games will certainly continue to update the game into the foreseeable future, with a Liberty City expansion being a potential venture.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available in GTA 5 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot