About a couple of weeks ago, the developers at Rockstar Games officially added an aerially-inclined Adversary Mode known as Bombushka Run to Grand Theft Auto Online, and the studio is now prepared to keep more content coming. As a matter of fact, the company has not only added another Adversary Mode today called Stockpile, but also fans will be able to pick up a new twin-propeller plane called the Mammoth Mogul.

When it comes to Grand Theft Auto Online‘s Stockpile Adversary Mode, Rockstar Games has made it an airborne version of capture-the-flag, which gives players the task of acquiring as much “loot” as possible in order to bring it all back to their base. The new Adversary Mode has support for two to four teams, and will allow for up to sixteen players in all, with whomever bringing in the biggest haul of goods being dubbed the victor. What’s more is that Stockpile will be delivering double GTA$ & RP payouts from now until October 9, 2017, with double payouts continuing across all of Ron’s Contact Missions as well.

As far as the Mammoth Mogul is concerned, Grand Theft Auto Online players can get the twin-propeller plane exclusively from Warstock Cache & Carry, with the vehicle sporting a .50 caliber turret, which will definitely make it easier for one to take down those who are hot on their tail. Different features that can be upgraded include jet-assisted takeoff, as well as a bay for housing Explosive, Incendiary, Gas, and Cluster Bombs.

In order to incentivize Grand Theft Auto players to upgrade the Mammoth Mogul, various discounts on engine, armor, handling, weapons, and racing suits are currently live, with Rockstar Games also taking 25% off the Hangar’s Aircraft Workshop. Not to mention, the developer has reduced the price of other machines, with Mobile Operation Center Cabs, APC, and the Progen T20 (Super) all being 25% off, too, while the Premium Race “Around The Docks” will be live through October 9, 2017, and locked to motorbikes, with the Time Trial being Power Station.

All things considered, it looks as if Rockstar Games is not ready to slow down its updates for Grand Theft Auto Online just yet despite its insistence that the franchise will be “rested” when it seems necessary. So, with this being the case, even more free updates similar to the Stockpile Adversary Mode and Mammoth Mogul plane could be in the cards for GTA Online‘s future.

Grand Theft Auto Online and its latest updates can be experienced through Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.