Rockstar Gifting In-Game Stimulus Packages For 'Grand Theft Auto Online' Issues

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It's refreshing to know that Rockstar Games is not ignorant to the issues that most players have been dealing with when attempting to play Grand Theft Auto Online. After its problematic launch on October 1st, players were lucky if they could get passed the dreaded tutorial screen, which looped due to issues with the online feature included in the game.

There existed a laundry list full of issues that made the game virtually unplayable even if you were fortunate enough to make it passed the 'Mall or Nothing' glitch. The uproar of fans hit Rockstar hard, and the quick turnaround - which included several updates - has fixed some of the key issues that plague the online multiplayer. With fans in mind, Rockstar has decided to provide a stimulus package to further rectify the disaster that was GTA Online and bring back a little happiness to the unfriendly online environment of the game.

This stimulus package includes half a million dollars of in-game currency that can be used for anything online. In order to receive the compensation, the Rockstar Newswire states that you need to be an active player.

"You must play or have played Grand Theft Auto Online at any time during the month of October 2013 in order to qualify for the GTA$500,000 deposit in your in-game bank account."

The money will be transferred into the accounts of players in two separate deposits, which will "... keep the current worldwide in-game economy balanced." The first deposit of $250,000 will be made after Rockstar fixes the game progress issue that has also been infringing upon player's online experience. The second deposit of another $250,000 will be administered at the end of October.

This stimulus package is meant to enhance the player's online experience in Grand Theft Auto 5. Money is the most important asset when playing online, and it is the key to many of the luxuries within the game. This will create a bevy of opportunities for players that are having trouble generate a steady income from missions and store robberies that pay very little.

There isn't much more that Rockstar could do to amend the problems that people have had with GTA Online - outside of balancing the mission rewards - and giving all players an equal amount of cash doesn't quite make up for the players who've lost their expensive cars or worse, a character they've spent hours working on. The negative feedback that Rockstar is receiving is certainly justified, but this stimulus package illustrates their desire to win back players they may have lost in the process.

The launch of the multiplayer mode in an effort by Rockstar to improve upon their somewhat weak online offerings in the past - for a game of this caliber and high acclaim - was a complete disaster, and no one is more aware of this than Rockstar themselves. The online feature of Grand Theft Auto 5 will likely go down as one of the biggest catastrophes of at least this year, another on the list of online launch fails (joining Diablo 3 and SimCity), but the stimulus package may soften the blow, and benefit all who experienced the earlier version of Grand Theft Auto Online.

With $500,000 in the bank, players can buy themselves the best currently available apartment in the game which includes a 10-car garage or they can buy themselves the sexy $440,000 Infernus (based on on real-life Lamborghini Murciélago) and still have money to spare on a few upgrades. Just don't die when you get the money - those hospital bills add up.

What are your thoughts about this stimulus package? Do you think fans will forgive and forget as a result? Do you think Rockstar will continue the gift giving to help fans feel better about all of the issues?

Expect two deposits of $250,000 dollars each in your GTA Online account as the month of October continues.

Source: Rockstar

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