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GTA Online Heist players have now successfully robbed a bank, broken someone out of prison and stolen secret documents. Now it’s time to steal some drugs. And it shouldn’t be surprising that teams will be doing so for Trevor Philips Industries.

That’s right, everyone’s favorite Grand Theft Auto 5 campaign character, Trevor, is at the helm of this heist. That means lots of fun and a ton of shooting, both at and from enemies. It also means players will spend a lot of time behind the wheel. As a result, we recommend players spend some time at the firing range before embarking on this adventure to develop a strong shooting skill. We also recommend players spend some time increasing their player rank. While the requirement is level 12, higher levels will open up more weapon options, which are definitely a plus for these missions.

For those who don’t feel ready, be sure to check out our guides for the previous three GTA Online heists: Fleeca Bank job, the Prison Break heist and the Humane Labs Raid. For those who are ready to plunder some drugs, let’s get started.


Series A Funding - Coke

Series A Funding Heist 1

As the title suggests, the team will kick this heist off by stealing some cocaine. The drug is being held on a yacht by a bunch of guys who really don’t want to part with it, so expect a ton of resistance.

The heist team will be split into two parts: a Boat Team and Helicopter Team. The Boat Team will take a boat out to the yacht and enter from the water. Once inside, there will be a ton of bad guys that need to be extinguished before the team can grab the coke.

Meanwhile, the Helicopter Team will be in charge of keeping above-board enemies at bay, as well as the choppers that join in the action. There are a couple ways to handle this: the Helicopter Team can try to land on the yacht, or they can find a safe place to land and snipe from a distance. Whatever they choose, we also recommend using rocket launchers to dispatch the choppers.

Series A Funding Heist 2

If the Helicopter team doesn’t board the yacht, the Boat Team will need to get all the coke. The Helicopter team can board the yacht and grab one of the cocaine stashes, but it may leave them vulnerable to the choppers.

With the drugs in hand, the last step is to leave the boat and lose the wanted level. The team gets paid and moves on to the next mission.


Series A Funding - Trash Truck

While a trash truck isn’t the same as stealing an armored car or a VTOL, this is still a fun mission. Plus, the trash truck can carry a lot of drugs, and it most definitely will be packed full by the end of the run. Make sure the team is all full on body armor and bullets - there’s a lot of action during this mission.

The team will be loading up the truck with trash bags full of pills. There will be two groups for the run: Operators and Collectors. The Operators will handle the driving while the Collectors get to stand on the back. While the job of a Collector sounds fun, it can be a nightmare with the constant barrage of bullets the duo has to endure. Additionally, the team will have 10 minutes to complete the run. For those teams who are attempting the Criminal Mastermind challenge, good luck - this one’s tough.

Series A Funding Heist 3

Once the team grabs the truck, they’ll need to start collecting the trash bags. There won’t be any enemies at the first stop, but they show up in droves after that. There are three more stops to make, and the Vagos will fight hard to keep the team from making off with the drugs. Our best recommendation for this section is to work quickly and together. The Collectors need to be fast at grabbing the bags and tossing them into the truck, and the Operators need to help by backing the truck up near the bags. Don’t worry about defending against the bad guys, just focus on getting the bags and going to the next spot.

Once the team has all the drugs, head to the drop off spot. The team gets their cash and prepares for the next round.


Series A Funding - Bikers

It’s time for another stealth mission, though this one isn’t quite as difficult as the Deliver EMP mission in the last heist. The teams will sneak into a Lost MC camp, kill everyone inside (silently) and leave with vans full of drugs. Luckily, Trevor has silenced weapons ready for the team. They are stashed in a trailer, which is the first location the team will hit.

Series A Funding Heist 4

There are no set teams in this mission, but the group will still need to work together and communicate in order to succeed. Once the players have the gun, they’ll use the nearby dingy to make their way to the camp. Once there, the team will need to move through the camp quietly, taking out enemies along the way. If any member of the heist team is spotted, the team will fail the mission and have to start over. Don’t rush it, and remember communication is key.

Once everyone is dead, jump in the vans and head out. Unfortunately, there is more action waiting during the drive (as there usually is in these heists) to the meeting point. Focus on getting to the drop point and the team should arrive safely. Once the vans are delivered, the team gets their payment.


Series A Funding - Weed

Series A Funding Heist 5

There are three roles for this job: Ground Team, Lookout West and Lookout East. The Ground Team will be in charge of infiltrating a sawmill to grab some weed, while the lookouts pick off bad guys from afar. It goes without saying that the lookouts should be the two best snipers on the team.

When the team reaches the sawmill, the lookouts should start working on the enemies. Once their numbers are down, the Ground Team can start their approach. There will be a handful of enemies hiding from the snipers that the Ground Team will need to dispatch, but it shouldn’t be a difficult task.

When the Ground Team reaches their destination, each one will grab a truck and head for the hills. Meanwhile, the lookouts will grab a jeep with a mounted gun. Make sure the lookout with the better aiming skill takes the gun because their role will be vital during the drive.

Series A Funding Heist 6

The team should stick together during the drive to the drop off, with the jeep leading the way. The gunner will need to take out enemies and roadblocks along the way. Once the trucks are safely in the warehouse, the team gets paid and waits for the next job.


Series A Funding - Meth

No drug business would be complete without meth, so for this mission the team will be stealing “meth juice” for Tevor’s cook. As with the last mission, there are no set teams.

Players will be stealing the meth juice from the O’Neil Brothers’ farm, which players should remember from the Grand Theft Auto 5 campaign. When the team reaches the farm, we recommend using sniper rifles to kill as many of the bad guys as possible before approaching. Once their numbers have been thinned a little, head to the farmhouse.

Series A Funding Heist 7

One player will need to be in charge of driving the meth juice to the dropoff point, so they’ll need to grab the big rig. The other players will guard the truck while the driver connects the trailer. Once the truck and trailer are connected, a countdown timer will appear. Don’t panic, as long as the team works together, there shouldn’t be any issues delivering on time.

As the team makes their way to the dropoff point, there will be the usual onslaught of enemies trying to stop the team from making their destination. The three non-rig drivers will be in charge of keeping enemies off the truck’s back. Work together and communicate and the drive shouldn’t be too difficult.

With the meth delivered, the team is ready for the finale.


Series A Funding - Finale

Series A Funding Heist 8

The final mission is to deliver two trucks full of drugs to Trevor. Unfortunately, every group the team angered along the way will be out to recapture their drugs. So expect a ton of bad guys.

The team will break into two groups: Lookout North and Lookout South. The team will start by heading to the warehouse to get the trucks, and will be immediately welcomed by bad guys. Work together to take them out. Use grenades and rocket launchers to blow up the cars as they approach - that should get rid of the enemies quickly.

Once the bad guys are dead, two players will each grab a truck while the other two jump into the jeep. Just as with the weed mission, the player manning the gun should be the better shooter of the two in the jeep. And once again, the jeep should lead the convoy.

Series A Funding Heist 9

The team will have a time limit to get the trucks to their destination, and each truck will have a health bar. If a truck’s health bar depletes, it’ll explode. In addition to ground enemies, the team will have to fight off choppers. The gunner on the jeep will need to swat them out of the sky as soon as they arrive.

Once the team reaches their destination, the heist is over and the team gets paid. Well done. Just one more heist left.

What did you think of the GTA Online Series A Funding heist? Share your feedback in the comments.

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