While GTA 5 sales remain strong well after its release several years ago, the developers at Rockstar Games continue to provide ample updates to the open world crime title’s multiplayer component, Grand Theft Auto Online, which makes perfect sense due to June and July 2017 having been the biggest months ever in terms of monthly active users. As it so happens, the studio has now provided the release with yet another patch that adds more content with the Overtime Shootout Adversary Mode and a brand new weaponized vehicle called the HVY Nightshark.

While one of the previously released Adversary Modes for Grand Theft Auto Online called Overtime Rumble had players shoving off their opponents on a single scoring platform in a chaotic fashion, the game’s new mode called Overtime Shootout will involve more accuracy and strategic maneuvers as fans will attempt to land and score points on separate numbered tiers. Instead of driving down a ramp alongside teammates, each player will alternate turns to land on the different scoring platforms, and the team with the most points collected by the end wins. Not to mention, Double GTA$ and RP will be doled out to Overtime Shootout players until August 14.

Grand Theft Auto Online players who earn a lot of in-game cash playing Overtime Shootout can then turn around and spend their money on the game’s new weaponized vehicle known as the HVY Nightshark, as seen in the image above. The heavily armored vehicle will allow fans of GTA Online to dish out a heaping helping of damage against their foes and anyone who crosses their paths with the help of twin-mounted front-facing machine guns.

In addition to the new Adversary Mode and weaponized vehicle, Grand Theft Auto Online‘s latest update offers players the chance to take advantage of deals through August 14 involving 25% off Mobile Operations Centers and their add-ons, Weaponized Vehicle Customizations, and Mk II Ammo Types. Not to mention, gun-for-hire types can earn some bonus cash with Double GTA$ Salaries for Bodyguards and Associates until August 14 as well. Plus, Legendary Motorsport will offer a 25% discount on the latest Supercar model – the Dewbauchee Vagner – which was added in the title’s Independence Day update.

All things considered, Grand Theft Auto Online fans who have been looking forward to a new activity in Adversary Modes will be happy to learn of Overtime Shootout’s addition, but it’s safe to presume that the majority of fans would like to see Rockstar follow through with some story DLC. Nevertheless, it looks as if the developer knows what it’s doing in terms of continually facilitating GTA 5‘s success, as the title has been declared the best-selling game in America since The NPD Group first began tracking sales in 1995.

Grand Theft Auto Online and all of its latest updates can be experienced through Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.