In the latest Grand Theft Auto Online update, Rockstar introduces a new motorcycle as well as the Vehicle Vendetta game mode which allows players to collect vehicle powerups.

Those who play Grand Theft Auto Online, the online multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto 5, have been absolutely spoiled for choice lately. Developer Rockstar Games recently introduced the GTA Online Import/Export expansion DLC, letting players steal the shiniest of rides for profit and there were also festive celebrations as GTA Online got a new Adversary mode and a new weather event in time for the holidays.

But just in case GTA Online players have somehow grown bored with all of the gameplay options on offer, Rockstar has released yet another free update for the game. In a post on the Rockstar Newswire, the developer says that this update includes the Pegassi FCR 1000 motorcycle, which is described as an “instant classic” that will be “the envy of your grandpa,” and there’s also the Vehicle Vendetta Adversary mode.

In Vehicle Vendetta, explains Rockstar, GTA Online players team up and speed around in vehicles trying to get a variety of powerups. These powerups include ‘Beast’ which turns a player’s vehicle into the Rhino Tank, ‘Ghost’ which allows players to “turn translucent” and drive through enemy vehicles to steal their powerups and ‘Deadline’ which turns a player’s vehicle into the Nagasaki Shotaro, which is a Tron-inspired motorcycle added in a previous update.


As an added incentive, those who play Vehicle Vendetta between now and January 17 can bag themselves double XP and GTA$. Those who don’t fancy playing Vehicle Vendetta can also bag themselves some extra funds by taking part in GTA Online‘s Stunt Races as these pay double XP and double GTA$ from January 3 (it’s unclear when this offer ends), while Racing Alley is a Premium Race until January 16 and offers extra cash and triple RP.

With Rockstar forging ahead with its rather aggressive GTA Online DLC plans, it’s looking even less and less likely that the developer will turn its attention to the GTA 5 story mode DLC that players have been asking for. Although Rockstar has previously confirmed that story DLC is in the works, the online DLC is clearly hugely popular and (Rockstar parent company) Take-Two has also confirmed that GTA Online is a huge moneymaker and so it’s no wonder why Rockstar’s priorities appear the way they do.

Recent rumors also suggested that GTA 5 story DLC had been scrapped in favor of a GTA Online map expansion. While that’s just speculation for now, with this latest GTA Online update in mind, Rockstar doesn’t appear to be slowing down its multiplayer DLC plans and the chances of that story DLC ever being released look slim to none.