'Grand Theft Auto Online' Might Get Military DLC and VTOL Jet

Grand Theft Auto Online Military DLC Rumor

Most players who dig around in game files do so at their own risk. It's true that a mysteriously labeled file can oftentimes tip a developer's hand well before they are ready, but sometimes gamers are simply trying to draw connections where there are none. Case in point: the recent rumors regarding Grand Theft Auto Online.

Nevertheless, a new series of findings have seemingly confirmed that Rockstar Games is working on military-themed DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online. Specifically, these code crackers have found a line of code that reads, "if mparmy exists make 9 army face paints available to purchase" and another that mentions "VERTICAL_FLIGHT_MODE," and both were not part of the GTA Online code prior to the 1.16 update.

Putting two and two together one could assume that a new GTA Online update is on the way that includes a series of army-themed costumes or face paints, as well as a VTOL jet. But let's reverse a little bit before betting big on that assumption.

While prior digging did uncover the Independence Day DLC and Hipster Packs for GTA Online, recent findings have rendered no such results. These hackers seemed adamant that zombies and casinos were on their way to Rockstar Games' multiplayer experience, but so far we haven't heard a peep from the developer.

Saints Row VTOL Jet

It's for that very reason that Grand Theft Auto 5 players should take this latest rumor with a grain of salt. It's entirely possible that Grand Theft Auto Online is getting some form of military-themed DLC, but it's also very likely that Rockstar is just messing with us.

Sure, the idea of a nimble VTOL jet in GTA Online is plenty exciting, but that seems like a hefty undertaking. A series of military face paints, on the hand, would fit right in with GTA Online's milieu.

For now, though, it's best gamers temper their expectations regarding any and all Grand Theft Auto rumors. For that matter, they should stay wary any time Rockstar mentions online heists, as that feature is still in an unfortunate limbo state. In other words, trust no one.

How would you feel about military DLC making its way into Grand Theft Auto Online? What other themes do you think would work in the game?


Source: DomisLive

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