Grand Theft Auto Online Adds Lowriders, Missions and Modes

By | 1 year ago 

Rockstar announces the Grand Theft Auto Online ‘lowriders’ update which will add the famous bouncing cars along with new missions and multiplayer game modes.

Although many people play Grand Theft Auto 5 for its story, many players have flocked to the crime sandbox for its online multiplayer mode, Grand Theft Auto Online. It gives players plenty of extra gameplay such as new Heists and the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC. Rockstar will soon add even more to this, though, with a giant GTA Online update that adds a wealth of new things to do.

When the update lands on October 20, the main feature will be its lowriders. Heading to the in-game website for Benny’s Original Motor Works (accessible via the player character’s mobile phone), GTA Online players can choose from six different lowriders. Then, for customization, players can drive their new whips to Benny’s shop in downtown Strawberry, where they’ll be able to change everything from the interior of the vehicle (choosing from velour, leather, or patterns), its steering wheel and even the stereo with new speakers and subwoofers. And, naturally for lowriders, players can purchase hydraulics systems for the new cars to give them a bit of ‘bounce’.

The lowriders are also joined by a series of new missions from Franklin’s best friend, and fan-favorite side character, Lamar. Lamar will contact players and get them involved in some gang-related warfare as users team up to take on the Los Santos Vagos and the Ballas. Rockstar describes the missions as “hectic” though the new machete and the machine pistol should help (though, whether the new weapons are more lethal than an airborne tank or giant, moving ramp is up for debate).

GTA Online players will also be glad to know that they’ll also be able to purchase a fourth property, which should come in handy if they have run out of room in their existing garages and need some extra space to store those new lowriders. Moreover, Rockstar notes that there will betons of new clothing, hair and accessory options as well as 3 new Adversary Modes andmore. It’s unclear what those new modes will offer and what more entails, but given that players are still making the most of the recently added Freemode Events, the new content should keep everyone occupied for a while.

It’s also important to note that this GTA Online update is only available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Unfortunately, Rockstar has ended last-gen console support for the game, meaning that all of this extra content won’t be available to PS3 or Xbox 360 users. That’s certainly disappointing news for some, but with Rockstar having said that it had reached the technical capacity of the consoles, it stands to reason that trying to get the update onto PS3 and Xbox 360 may have only led to a broken game and unhappy players.

Are you excited for the GTA Online lowrider update? What else would you like Rockstar to add to the game? Leave a comment and let us know.

Source: Rockstar Games