GTA Online Update Adds New Lowriders, 'Sumo' Game Mode

GTA Online Lowriders Custom Classics update

The latest Grand Theft Auto Online update adds more customizable vehicles along with the Sumo Adversary Mode, in which players ram each other out of an arena.

While Grand Theft Auto 5’s online multiplayer mode, GTA Online, has had its fair share of updates over the past 12 months, one that sticks out in particular is the Lowrider update. Introduced towards the tail-end of last year, it not only added bouncing cars and plenty of vehicle customization options for players to trick their cars and trucks out with, but it also added several new ‘gang war’ missions, allowing players to team up with fan favorite NPC Lamar and get up to no good.

Although there are no hard statistics related to the update’s success, it was surely a contributing factor to GTA Online having its ‘best week ever’ over the holidays, according to (Rockstar Games parent company) Take-Two. It’s also no surprise then that Rockstar Games has now added even more lowrider content, with the new GTA Online Lowriders: Custom Classics update.

The real stars of the Classic Customs show are, of course, the new vehicles. Two new muscle cars will be available to players: the Vapid Slamvan utility vehicle and the Dundreary Virgo Classic., which are both available from Benny’s Original Motor Works. Also available at Benny’s is the Willard Faction Custom Donk, which revisits one of Benny’s favorite vehicles, giving it an update with a new upgrade style. A ‘donk’, in this instance, is a “feat of motor engineering so unconventional there’s no point in trying to understand it,” so GTA Online players shouldn't expect that tricked out Willard Faction to come cheap.


Also new with GTA Online Lowriders: Classic Customs is the Sumo adversary mode. Unlike recent romantic addition Til Death Do Us Part (where players pair up to take out other ‘lovestruck’ couples) and Drop Zone, which sees players fling themselves out of planes in a race to the ground, Sumo is a test of players' vehicles and not their bodies. Rockstar says that either alone or in teams, players will have to “smash, bash, and dodge the competition” in order to “force the opposition out of the designated arena.”

Additionally, there are more appearance options for players to purchase, from “lowrider street apparel” to “work wear” and there are also 16 new tattoo designs at tattoo parlors across Los Santos. There are several new hairstyles for male and female characters too. Also, Rockstar says that the update addresses poor loading times, which should be great news for those who often struggle to find quick games.

It should also be noted that this update is only available in the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA Online as Rockstar has ended last-gen support.

What do you think of the GTA Online Lowriders: Classic Customs update? What do you hope Rockstar adds to the game next? Leave a comment and let us know.

Source: Rockstar Games

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