'Grand Theft Auto Online' Adds Rockstar Verified Air Races

Grand Theft Auto Verified Air Races

While much of the conversation surrounding Grand Theft Auto 5 has focused on either the upcoming next-gen and PC ports or the lack of heist missions, developer Rockstar Games has still been trying to keep players happy in other ways. More specifically, they have been regularly releasing new content updates that deliver new experiences or add-ons to GTA Online.

Just this week, for example, Rockstar has added 10 new verified jobs for air racing fans. The jobs were part of a content creator weekend curated by Rockstar, of which 5 winners and 5 runners-up were selected.

As some know, Rockstar's content creator weekends for Grand Theft Auto Online help gamers flex their creative muscles while also bolstering the multiplayer experience's selection. However, the winning selections don't typically make the jump directly into GTA Online after winning, but are usually vetted by the developer to ensure they meet quality standards.

Highlights of the 10 new air race jobs include a dangerous low altitude race call Heli Low Fly Zone and a quirky, Red Bull-esque race called Sprunk Air Race #1. Rockstar notes that players have become much more skilled in the air than they were at launch, and these new races will assuredly put those abilities to the test. For a closer look at each race, make sure to check out Rockstar's blog post.

GTA Online Sprunk Air Race

These new air races are only a small piece of an ever-growing selection, which Rockstar continually fleshes out thanks to these content creator weekends. Next up, players will see the release of new Last Team Standing jobs that, like these air races, were part of a content creator weekend. Unfortunately, Rockstar doesn't reveal when GTA Online players can expect those new jobs to arrive.

Equally as mysterious are the promised heist missions for GTA Online that Rockstar has failed to deliver. Yes, we know there were some delays with the heists, but so far Rockstar hasn't revealed what's holding them up. At this point, it's hard to imagine how many gamers are still hanging around waiting for heists.

What do you think of the new air race jobs for Grand Theft Auto Online? Are there any other jobs you'd like to see Rockstar add?


Source: Rockstar

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