‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Gets Independence Day DLC

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While there are many criticisms that can be raised against developer Rockstar Games regarding their gameplay and writing, few could argue the developer doesn’t pack their games full of content. From the sprawling open world of Red Dead Redemption to the tremendous post-release expansions for GTA 4, Rockstar knows how to give players their money’s worth, and then some.

To that point, Rockstar has revealed yet another free update for Grand Theft Auto Online that’s themed around the Independence Day holiday. As players might expect, the update includes plenty of patriotic additions, done up with the usual GTA flair.

On the weapon and vehicle front, the Independence Day update boasts two new additions for each category. The Sovereign motorcycle and Liberator monster truck are the perfect symbols of American excess, and look pretty sweet rolling down the streets of Los Santos; while the musket and fireworks launcher pay homage to our founding fathers, albeit in two completely different ways.

Players can also show their American pride with a set of new clothing options, including a “Made in the USA” t-shirt, a mullet hairstyle, and an eagle animal mask. Grand Theft Auto Online already includes plenty of goofy apparel and character alterations — case in point: the “I am not a hipster” pack — but this takes things to new levels.

Grand Theft Auto Online Independence Day DLC

And finally, since new clothing, vehicles, and weapons were not enough, Rockstar has also thrown in new areas for players to show their patriotism. There are seven new properties for gamers to scoop up and call their own, and to set fireworks off in, and two new interactive attractions at the Paradise Pier. Now gamers can do more than just watch the Ferris Whale or the Leviathan Roller Coaster, they can ride them.

It’s important to note, though, that the Independence Day pack is a timed offering. At some point later this month Rockstar will remove its content from the servers, so get to downloading sooner rather than later.

Interestingly enough, this Independence Day pack reveal holds a lot more intrigue than just the promise of new red, white, and blue shirts. In fact, this pack is the second GTA Online update that YouTube user DomisLive has correctly predicted, which lends even more credence to his recent descriptions of the multiplayer mode’s upcoming Heist missions. Read full details on those potential missions here.

What do you think of the Independence Day update for Grand Theft Auto Online? What other holiday-themed add-ons would you like to see?

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