GTA Online's Next Expansion Gets Players Stealing 'Exotic' Cars

Grand Theft Auto 5 Import/Export

Rockstar Games announces the Import/Export expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online, which brings a focus to the organized mass theft of high-end automobiles.

Rockstar Games has announced the next expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online, and it's one that will certainly make fans of movies like Gone In 60 Seconds happy. The latest expansion will simply be called the Import/Export update, and the Grand Theft Auto Online expansion will have players stealing a high quantity of luxurious and exotic cars. Veteran online players will have already guessed what the expansion was about solely from the title, since GTA: Online already has players stealing cars for Simeon and dropping them off in places called import/export garages.

As Rockstar Games stated, the expansion will build upon the criminal system that the Finance and Felony expansion instilled, delivering plenty of new ways for creative criminals to make some serious cash. Some of these vehicle heists will require the aid of special vehicles, like a car designed to flip over other vehicles by ramming them at high speeds. Rockstar Games will reveal more of the specialty vehicles soon, which will supposedly bring a "unique breed of vehicular mayhem and destruction" to the GTA: Online experience.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Import/Export Expansion

The new expansion announcement comes not long after a rumor appeared that Rockstar Games had scrapped single player content in favor of the more lucrative GTA: Online expansions, a subject which has left many fans frustrated with Rockstar Games' lack of communications about the game's single player DLC. While fans would undoubtedly enjoy watching more of Trevor's antics, it looks like for the time being they will just have to hope the actor's latest milk-guzzling character makes an appearance in the Westworld season finale.

Once players have secured their target vehicles – a task made harder not just by the presence of security and police, but also other rival car thieves – they will be able to boost, modify, and resell the stolen goods with a solid markup. The Import/Export Expansion will also add several new vehicle warehouses around the city of Los Santos, and some of the newly introduced executive office garages will stretch up to three stories high, allowing up to 60 ill-gotten vehicles to find their new home on the showroom floor.

Those who have been returning to the streets of Los Santos on a regular basis will have recently enjoyed the Halloween event, which came shortly after the studio introduced a biker-themed update to the Grand Theft Auto 5's online component. This month, however, the focus will firmly be back to four-wheeled vehicles.

Will you be joining in on the car-thieving fun in the Import/Export expansion, Ranters?

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now within Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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