'Grand Theft Auto Online' Players Experiencing Problems; Xbox Live Service Is 'Limited'

Grand Theft Auto Online Heists

Despite having been delayed several times while Rockstar worked on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5, interest around the Grand Theft Auto Online heist update has remained high. Scheduled for a release today, the heist update adds five multiplayer heists to the game, allowing players to conduct armed robberies and ambitious data theft missions with their pals. In addition to this, the update also introduces daily objectives which will surely give players a reason to log in every day.

Unfortunately, although the developer was rearing to go (they even released the update file on Xbox 360 and Xbox One several days ahead of schedule), massive issues have started to plague both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, which is disastrous given that this is considered the most anticipated update to Grand Theft Auto 5 since launch. Considering that GTA V is also one of the most popular games of all time, that's nothing to be sniffed at.

Xbox Live's problems appear to have been caused by overwhelming player numbers, which perhaps suggest that the online service hasn't improved much since the devastating DDOS attacks that crippled both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network over Christmas. On the Xbox Live service page, Microsoft has issued an alert explaining that service is 'limited' on Xbox 360. As it stands, many players are having difficulty downloading items that they have already purchased, playing games with others over Xbox Live and using the SmartGlass application. While most apps are still up and running, beIN Sports, SpiritClips, Viki and Vimeo are all down for the count. On top of this, some players are having trouble signing into Xbox Live at all.

GTA Online - Shooting from the helicopter

Meanwhile, it's the Rockstar Cloud that's throwing up problems for players on Xbox One and PS3. Rockstar explains on their own service page that they are "Investigating reports about Rockstar Cloud Services error messages. Apologies for any inconvenience." The Rockstar Cloud is responsible for holding masses upon masses of save data, including information about people's GTA Online characters. Issues with the Rockstar Cloud in the past have prevented players from getting online in the past, and are now stopping them again. The downtime also shows just how fragile Rockstar's servers can be when under considerable pressure.

Rockstar's warning message for GTA Online players on PS4 is a little different, however. The warning for those on PS4 explains that "Investigating reported problems accessing certain GTA Online features. Apologies for any inconvenience." It is unclear as to which features aren't working but some PS4 players are saying that GTA Online is just showing up as being 'down for maintenance' when they try and access it.

The GTA Online heists update is an important one so hopefully Rockstar and Microsoft can reach stability as soon as possible.

Source: Rockstar

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